November 19, 2013

Hello, hello!

I have been blue lately. Everything tinged with a touch of blah-ness. I think it is the change of seasons. My body is wanting to hibernate. And feeling blah is a good mechanism for getting people to hibernate. I bet bears wouldn't hibernate if they had a fascinating social life.

I am feeling much better now. This weekend was busy, organizing, straightening, and getting rid of things that needed doing for a long time. And then I took a good long walk Sunday morning with a stiff breeze to accompany me, which blew out all my mental cobwebs in one strong gust. Well, okay, not all. But my mental house has at least been dusted and neatened. Ha! Bring on the winter!

And so, back into the swing of things! I spent this morning getting the house ship-shape again preparatory to Gilbert's tutor coming. Which amplifies my whole sense of well being. Gilbert and Elsie are having a nap (horrible colds!) and I am deciding if I should read my book curled up on the sofa under a down throw or poke around online and see what blogs, sales, and people have been up to over the weekend. Delightful choices! In the meantime, here are some pictures from being out and about the last week of October.

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Connie Schuler said...

We all feel a little blue this time of year :) Is that your house in the pictures?