January 31, 2014


Last night, with the kids all in the car ready to go to Orianna's concert and then directly to gospel meeting afterward, we discovered the keys were missing. We searched diligently for a few minutes, then sent Justin off to the concert in his truck with Orianna. We should have two sets. But buying an extra key for $100 has never been high on our list of wanted items. So I stayed home with a weeping Lily, Gilbert, and Elsie and continued searching. After Justin got home, we still hadn't found the keys, so he cleared his truck of all his tools and we set off to meeting. Late. After meeting, everyone was very helpful, suggesting spots we might look and telling us stories of when their kids were little and things they had lost. Home again for more searching, going through the trash, searching every nook and cranny where they could have been set. Nada.

This morning, Justin strides in, keys in hand, with my purse. oooopsie! It is a small purse (a celebration of not having to carry around a huge diaper bag anymore) and I figured that if the keys were in there, I would definitely feel them. So I didn't dump it. Justin was the teeniest bit disparaging about my search abilities.

I could just cry over missing Orianna's concert because I am such an idiot. She was so excited for us to go.

For the rest of my life, whenever I start getting uppity, I feel sure that I will only have to think about this to be suitably chastised and humble. So really, it was a valuable experience.

And now, I must go research buying an extra key.....

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