January 13, 2014

Attempt at Family pictures

We had a quiet weekend. This was Lindsey's second last weekend in NNY. Lindsey's return flight to AK left last Monday, so last weekend was her last weekend. Then United cancelled her flight ("at hopefully no inconvenience" to her) and couldn't get her on another flight until a week later. (She was a little inconvenienced, surprisingly.) So we got to enjoy a second last weekend with her. We played games, talked to the kids, had some good old friends over, and had a swell time. However, I did not take pictures of these happenings. So instead, I will put up pictures of my attempts at family pictures. Family pictures rarely come out the way I think they should, despite repeated attempts. Kids make funny faces, look at other people, put hands in front of each others faces, and generally act in non-statue-like manners. Which is exceedingly annoying for those of us who wanted them to "Stay just like that!" The resulting pictures turn out to be mild chaos. They are a little too true to life for my liking. I don't want to send out a picture of Justin and I telling the kids "If you stick your tongue out in one more picture...." while Gilbert gets Orianna in a headlock style hug, Elsie tries to wiggle down, and Lily stares off stage left to see what is happening out in the kitchen. Ah well.

I fall back on collages. 

But oh! I love these rowdy kids of mine. 

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Gilbert is the epitome of casual cool in that second picture.