October 1, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Puppies

Here are the promised puppy pictures. Clover had the brilliant idea to bring the puppies out of the barn onto the lawn for the kids to play with. With us taking pictures, of course. We like pictures. And if there is anything cuter than puppies and kids cuddling and playing I don't know what it is. 

Have I properly introduced you to these puppies? Penny, Dad's border collie had puppies on Labor Day. We knew she was pregnant, since her belly was very full of puppies, and had a vague idea of when the blue healer next door had bred her. But we haven't had puppies on the farm in over.... well probably 15 years. So we didn't know exactly when to expect them. She decided to have them the day of our pig roast. Due to all of us nosy puppy watchers coming in to check on her every few minutes, labor was pretty slow. Finally, we shut the lights off in the barn and let her be. The next morning, there she was with 10 puppies. Ten. Just like that. And by some miracle (or good mothering), there is no runt--they are all healthy and happy. 

And cuddly. And warm. And curious. 

Lily and the puppy she carried over. I do realize that the next three pictures are pretty much identical. But I like them. 

Kiss, kiss

Puppy parade

Beautiful day!

Aren't they adorable????

This pup looks old and wise

Hiding under the Adirondack chair

Gilbert and Lincoln watching all the puppy activity from on top of the table.

Excitement about cuteness

Cute Lincoln


When these puppies were born, they were solid white. But now they are spotting up. Apparently that is how blue healer's do it. 

Love this picture

Gilbert hugging one of the puppies

Elsie checking them out

A frog, swimming in the turtle sand box that has no sand

Puppy cuddles

Lincoln being enchanted

Rilla really enjoyed carrying these two around

Elsie loved watching them through the slats

Live Tess

A puppy each

Even Elliott, the avowed dog dis-liker was cuddling one!

Love this picture

And then Miss Puppy had to come see what the camera was all about

A gaggle of puppies

Ca-UTE. This might be the one we are planning on keeping. 

Winding around Gilbert's legs

Delighted with puppies


Some of them have brown mixed in, just a few little dots of it here and there

AHHHH! My heart just melted

Do you SEE this puppy, people?

Uncle Owen

Aunt Ashley and baby Vaughan

Ohhhhh..... !

The closest we came to a group shot. They were too busy exploring to sit around posing. 

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Love, love all the pictures.