October 10, 2013

Frosty mornings

There was a frost yesterday morning. The first hard frost we have had, with a one or two light ones in September. I spent an hour after getting the kids on the bus fussing about plants. Eek! Mustn't let them die! My kitchen was filled with geraniums and begonias. I generally keep some of my geraniums over winter, but I have never done begonias. We will see how it goes. As much as I love plants, I tend to kill them. Bringing plants in is always done in the best of faith and enthusiasm. "I will tend to them so carefully and they will fill the house with flowers this winter!" Wonderfully symbiotic relationship, that is doomed to failure, due to my laissez-faire approach to plant care. Sometime around Thanksgiving, they start to look a little shaky. Most give up the ghost in the new year. However short their indoor career may be, it seems too heartless to leave them to die in the frost. So we will let them die of benign neglect rather than cold. Much nicer!

Dahlia's I brought in for vases (they are still sitting in this bowl)

Do you dig my plywood floor?

Morning walks have been gorgeous. October skies can be such a startling blue against all that color. 

Morning sun

I liked the semi parked by the Amish buggy. 

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Virginia said...

Your career once all the kids are in school should be photographer. Nat Geo, here you come!