October 18, 2013

Good things in life

I have a new nephew!!! Hoyt Ross Vaughan was born on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. Weighing in at a hefty 9 lbs 3 oz, he is happy, hale, and hearty. And OH! so sweet. He is coming home this afternoon. Can't wait to snuggle his tiny little self! Really, there is nothing better than babies. There just isn't. I love 'em.

Compared to a new nephew, all the rest of these boring and unimportant, but still, there were several good things this week.

1. Leaves. This year has been awesome for leaves. Some years the maples are lack luster, due to weather or stress, but this year, they are gorgeous. Some of the trees seem to be neon--so rich a color that it seems to take on an intensity of light even without the sun shining on them. Of course, my pictures are horrible. It was much prettier than this.

2. Garrison Keillor's Daddy's Girl CD. Love this! Very upbeat, bouncy songs from a Daddy to his girl. Silly, sweet nonsense. The kids love listening to this and bounce around energetically every time it comes on. We got this at a library book sale and we popped the CD in to see if it works, and it does. The kids also just got a copy of John Denver's Country Roads with a beautifully illustrated book of the lyrics from my aunt in West Virginia (what an appropriate gift! I love gifts that just fit.) and these two CDs have been circling around each other pretty continuously. 

3. Yesterday, Orianna and I were in Stewarts getting milk when I heard her shout "Grandpa!" And there was grandpa, getting milk too. We talked briefly, and then we went to check out at separate registers. And as Dad walked out the store, he gave Orianna a bag with a half gallon of ice cream in it. Peppermint stick. Which has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid and we used to buy it from the Schwans man when it came out in the late fall. I just love everything about this. Being able to run into family while running errands, Orianna being so excited to see him, and Dad being such a great Dad that he buys his daughter (mostly for his grandkids, but still!) her favorite kind of ice cream. And I love the peppermint stick ice cream. 

4. I have been careful about spending money this month, but I stopped in at a lawn sale on the way home from town and got suckered in to buying this chair and the baskets. By suckered, I mean I happily agreed to pay the very reduced price they offered me. I mean, no I shouldn't have, but they need money to fix their little tractor that they drive up to the sawmill past mom and dads a couple times a week to get slab wood for heat. I mean who could resist that kind of story? Not me. And I love this chair! And the baskets....! I think I will take up knitting so I have something to put in it. Ha! Just think of all the money I will save by knitting up huge quantities of wool into completely unrecognizable messes. And we can learn how to do wicker weaving to fix the chair! Win-win.

5. And now, I need to hurry off and get ready for a busy weekend! Hooray! Hope you all have lovely weekend plans!


Connie Schuler said...

What a cute little guy!! And BIG and healthy, most importantly. But. . . it's still nice when they come out cute ;) Love the fall pics. . . Fall is so pretty. Too bad it is the intro into winter, which I detest. Your dad is a keeper, and your kiddo's are so lucky to be able to just bump into Grandpa at the store. That is something neither you nor I ever had the chance to do.

Virginia said...

Your family as a whole is a keeper. Hoyt is cute, your kids are cute, and Dad is a great guy.