October 3, 2013

Pig Roast Pictures

I put these pictures in a post ages ago. I seriously thought I had posted them. But apparently I didn't. Curious. Anyway, here they are now. 

Aunt Lindsey and Gilbert

Caleb and Tim kindly consented to swimming with the kids after much begging and begging

Jane chasing a chicken

Brand new puppies

Heading back from a puppy tour

Flipping the pig

Clover trying to google faster that other people. She didn't. 

Elsie found some mud

The pork pulling

All the mess and goodness

Miss P trying out some Moxie

Elsie chilling


Owen and Ashley and baby

Everyone milling around for picture

The everyone picture

Close up

Close up 2

Close up 3


Gilbert and his corn

The guys and their sawhorse table

Inside people

Elsie eating corn with no hands

Trying to fall asleep in the corn

Watching baseball

Wayne up to bat, with Justin catching

Jordan and Coyote

Evan hittin' it outta da park

Elliott and Grandma

Gorgeous stormy sky

Elsie and Aunt Livie

Standing around waiting to bat

Kids with faces painted by Ashley

Gilbert and Lincoln

Lincoln getting a message from the atmosphere

Justin and left handed hitting

Mariliyn and Dana


Fields and sky

Switching off

Laura and Elsie

Bronson and Gilbert

Elsie in grass

Tori and Elsie


Elsie and Penelope were good pals

Curious stare

Pat, pat

Do you have ears too?!

Penelope, the little cutie


Butterfly Katherine


Laura's cool picnic blanket

Kiss, kiss



Half the crowd heading home

Folding up the beautiful picnic blanket

Organizing tackle football. Ooof.

Walking home

Sheena and Great Aunt Jill swinging Penelope

Shawn, playing the little pump organ like it has never been played before, to a rapt audience

Hymnsing on the hill

Owen and Ashley

Amy, Shawn, Matt, Marilyn, Elliott, Livie

Lindsey Sue

Ashley and Elsie



Elsie and the fire

Uncle Owen, Coyote, and Elsie

"...as the sparks fly upward."

Elsie was entranced with Uncle Owen for some reason

Little kids, some traumatized by the idea of pictures


Teenage kids

Mader girls watching Elsie



Side view

Vaughan sisters

Fiddlin' around

Gilbert and his Moxie. He loves the stuff. shudder

Aunt Lindsey and Elsie

Waiting for food

Ladies eating inside

Eating outside


Swingin' kids

Owen hogging the whole swing

Ticket to Ride

Penelope trying to burrow into Daddy's side

Tim, Lindsey, Laura

Penelope all tuckered out

Abby and Coyote

Evan and Lincoln

Marilyn warming little blue Elliott up



Rook and TTR

Isn't that a beautiful sight?

Bouquet Ashley made, marigolds, wild grass, and morning glories. And surprisingly, this lasted almost a week, the morning glories looking exceptionally pretty (I would not have pegged them as good cut flowers) and then the marigolds and grass lasted about 2 and a half week. Pretty nifty

Penelope and Elsie were such friends.Love this picture!

Elliott getting his comic reading in for the day

Cousin friends

Gilbert driving the tractor

A bucket full of cousins

With the hay pick on the bucket

Walking up to see the cow putting-in operation

Livie, Tim, Alex, and Cheyenne fiddling with the fence

Grandma, Elsie, and Clover

Kids on tractor. They look like they have lost something valuable. Haha

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