October 11, 2013

Great things of the week

1. I went to two (good) library book sales in the past seven days. Yeah, I am that lucky.

2. Sunshine. This week has been absurdly beautiful.

3. I had a night out last night. All by myself. It is a delicious thing to be all by yourself for a few hours, knowing all the while, that you have a sweet family to go home to.

4. Justin had to delay a job for a week, due to things not lining up right with help, so I have been able to go on long morning walks each morning, not pushing a double jogger.

5. Apples.  Oh I love them. I had three for breakfast. Woah!

1 comment:

Connie said...

That does sound like a great week! Glad you get to enjoy the hubby ;) I wish mine would get a break. Too bad you don't live closer- mom and dad's new house has an apple tree and we have tons of fresh picked apples up for grabs.