December 4, 2012


This past weekend, the girls had their first piano recital. The both were brilliant, Orianna playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Lily playing Go Tell it on the Mountain. I took a grand total of two pictures of the event. Well three if you count the first one that was blurry. Justin took some on his phone, which are probably much better than the ones I got.

Before the piano recital, we did family pictures. I seem to want to take a family picture every month or so. Justin suffers not so silently through this. And the kids don't really care. As you can see, they just make whatever face they feel like and continue on with life. So here is some of our weekend in pictures.

Friday night, Lily was walking past Justin's bucket of sheetrock mud and Gilbert slipped at that moment and somehow knocked only her hand into the bucket. She was traumatized. And bad parents that we are, Justin and I were dying laughing. She and Gilbert both looked so startled. And then, her hand was covered in sheetrock mud. Even now, thinking about it, I laugh. Her therapist will get a few months worth of work out of this picture. 


I thought it would be cute to get a picture of all of them looking in the mirror, but apparently you need a bigger mirror. Several people have asked where Elsie gets the red hair, and each time I am confused--she has red hair?!?!?!  But in certain lights, I guess it is sort of reddish. Like the picture above looks vaugely orange-ish. 

But this picture, Elsie has her regular brownish/blond/nonexistent hair.

Love these two big sisters



Heading out to the piano recital

Lily from a million miles away. Here is a better picture that Abby took and put on facebook.


Aunt Ashley brought them flowers. So they could feel grown up like Fiona. 

She is a pretty nice auntie!

Gilbert fascinated with Justin on stilts. I am fascinated that we are getting close to done. All we have to do now is sand the finish coat and we can start priming and painting. I am itching to start, but Justin has threatened me with bodily harm if I touch his mudding job. Once upon a time, I sanded away most of the mud. And paper on the sheetrock. He was annoyed, to say the least. 

Gilbert has this wand thing that plays music. He can change the tempo and play a freeze game where you are supposed to freeze when the music stops. He found it in TJ Maxx and refused to put it down. And being an undisciplined mother, I just bought it for him. He loves it. It was worth it.  

Love this baby girl! This is her quilt from Breanna. Who just turned 8. And can quilt better than I can. Elsie and I love this quilt.

Trying to get the camera. Her red spot on her face is where Gilbert accidentally head butted her moments before.

Falling six inches to the carpet is sobering.

Fuzzy, but cute.


Cecil and Amy said...

Hmmmm...Elsie is no longer the newborn of June! Great pics. I always love to see your kidlets. Cecil liked the story about you sanding away the mud and paper from the drywall. He probably is thinking that other people have to deal with dippy wives too!

Sheena said...

Where did you find these cute kidlets?!

Virginia said...

Oh, dear heavens, your children are adorable! And I think I'm way behind in reading you blog b/c you're redoing the living room??