December 18, 2012

Our floor

I am typing on a dusty keyboard, on a dusty chair and looking at a dusty monitor and table. But oh! my floor is lovely. We sanded all afternoon Saturday. Believe me, if any of you think I didn't learn my lesson about drop clothes you would be wrong. I asked Justin if there was anything I could do, in that please-don't-say-yes way that all wives do when they really, really hope the answer is no. Or is that just me? Justin said yep, I could vacuum the dust or run the edger. I decided to vacuum, since that was easier. But then my guilt took over. Guilt is pretty useful in these times when I really, really don't want to do things. But I should. So fueled by guilt, I ran the edger. Within 5 minutes, my hair had turned a dusty grey, my nose was full of dust and I felt like my arms were going to fall off. Somehow, it didn't feel right to communicate all this to Justin, who was sanding a floor because I am an idiot, on his day off. I deserved a little pain anyway.

And it was all worth it in the end.

This was once we finished sanding. Isn't it beautiful?

Dust mopping

All Dutch Oiled. We got a clear oil, but it seems to have yellowed it a bit more than I would have wished. But it does seem like honey, which makes me happy. It actually isn't supposed to be that shiny. I put a second coat on yesterday and it hasn't fully dried. Which means the surface is still a bit sticky. If it doesn't absorb by tomorrow, I am going to have to hand sand it. Oh joy. It really is a handsome floor in this picture. There are a few spots that you can't see hear that have been stained by something black and a few places that need to be sanded again, but hey, it is looking pretty good for its 50 years!


laura said...

That floor is oh so lovely! Good job!

Virginia said...

So warm and homey!