November 30, 2012

Oh Glorious Day!

It is sunshine-y and blue skies. Snow melting slowly off the roof.

Things making me feel happy today

1. Sunshine on wood floors

2. Flowers

My paperwhites are blooming.

And my cyclamen is awesome. Aren't they funky little flowers? And the new flowers unfolding upwards look like worms. 

3. I made this silly little tree last night. Out of a catalog. I love taking trash and making it into different kinds of uselessness. Hahaha. It was fun. If you are just sitting and talking for an hour or so and find yourself holding some junk mail catalogs, here is how you make one. Demonstrated from the center page of the catalog that fell out. (This idea is from the Family Fun magazine. Which is full of things like this. I love it. But I never actually do any of the neat craft idea's in it, so I feel accomplished now.)

The tree. Family fun says to glue a golden ornament on top, but I left that bit out.

Take the top right hand corner of the page and fold it in to the middle/binding making a right  triangle 

Then take your new diagonal edge of paper and fold it again into the center making a scalene triangle. (Good to know that geometry WAS useful after all in life. Actually, I googled that.) 

Then tuck the left over bit at the bottom onto the back of the page

And there you are. Well with a lot more folding.

4. My new living room that is almost done.

5. Catching up on people's blogs. I feel more connected and involved after I read people's blogs. I know what people did for Thanksgiving, who decided to go vegan (go you!), who has had her nephew kicking her over Thanksgiving break, what projects people finished up or are working on, who has great neighbors and friends, and pictures from Thanksgiving. I love you all.

Note: This is not a complete list of things making me happy.


laura said...

I like your disclaimer (:

Verity Earl said...

You're sweet! The veganism didn't last too long; butter was added to the pie crusts. :( BUT, good news is I can start anew!