November 6, 2012

Political Junkie

I just voted. I like voting. I like walking to the fire station. I like everyone talking and joking around. I like people telling me my kids are cute. I like signing the ledger upside down. I like filling in the bubbles. I like pushing my ballot into the reader machine.

I like feeling American.

Some people like celebrity gossip magazines, but I prefer political gossip. I love reading what this person says about that. What so and so said to who. Who thinks what. I know this makes me weird. Everyone on facebook keeps saying "Thank goodness it is over!" Part of me agrees with this--elections make people really nasty to each other. But another part of me thinks things are going to get a lot more boring quite soon.

There, that is my confession for the day.

Because I like reading all this stuff, it is very easy for me to get worked up about it. To care who is in power.   To care about who was unjust in saying thus and so. To think it will make a massive difference in who wins. Today, after obsessively reading political articles, political projections, and checking exit polls, I went to feed Elsie. And I suddenly realized that whoever wins tomorrow, I will still have to read Mike Mulligan and Rosemary Wells' Mother Goose to my boy-o. Elsie will still giggle when I make kissey noises at her. I will still like fall evening walks. I will still love to see my kids run through leaves. I will still love sunshine.

All the best things of being American, freedom, pursuit of happiness, and peace are never up for vote. Sure, I think my guy will do a better job of keeping those for us. But neither one will actually ruin life for us. The president isn't a dictator--he doesn't have the power to ruin our lives.

So I am now able to obsessively check election maps and polls with perspective. At least until the polls close and they start recording votes.

I love elections!

Walking to the polls


Town clock on the way home


Olivia Vaughan said...

You got your political side from our family. And Orianna got if from you. It's a chain.

Virginia said...

It IS pretty awesome to vote! I got a thrill in my stomach on my way over this morning! I'm American, hear me roar!

Cecil and Amy said...

Well, I do hate elections I guess. Especially when I saw the picture of "my man" giving his concession speech. I just really really think a successful businessman could have done more for our country than a man that gives gives gives (Obamaphones anyone) to those that do absolutely nothing to get "stuff" themselves. HOWEVER, God is in control and I in no way doubt that. I still appreciate our first amendment that gives us the right to meetings and since that hasn't been yanked from us, the other stuff is just "stuff" isn't it. Okay. I'm done with my soapbox. Feel free to delete this if you don't want anything too political on your blog!! :-)