November 16, 2012

Life. How I love it.

Oh hey! I have a blog!

My excuse for not writing for almost two weeks is that I was devastated by the recent election and am just 
now recovering. It is Obama's fault. Well that and the fact that my husband was away. And I was busy with babies, kids, family, and fun and simply didn't write on here.

So yes, Romney lost. But life marches on and will probably not be appreciably different. Except I don't have political articles to read. Just FBI/CIA scandals. And they just don't hold as much appeal. So I have been forced to do my reading off the computer. I got a good bunch of New to the Library, two week loan books from the library  about three weeks ago, so I read them all up this week. Some were good, some were lame, some were so-so. Here is a brief run down of them. All of them are novels because I am that shallow. 

Porch lights by Dorthea Benton Frank.               Verdict--Good.
Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel                  Verdict--so-so
Spring Fever by Mark Kay Andrews                  Verdict--Okay, but not her best work.
Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon                                Verdict--Good, read last page first
A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar by SJ*          Verdict--lame-ish,vauguely depressing
Where we belong by Emily Griffin                       Verdict--so-so, good writing, ending unresolved

 *Suzanne Joinson--Hey, it bugged me messing up my completely not formatted list so much.

Now I need to return my overdue books to the library.

Justin was gone to Colorado. He bought a truck from his Dad. A big truck. 

We love the truck. It has four doors and fits us all in. Orianna rides up front, which makes her the coolest thing ever. Owen taught Gilbert how to say "Ford truck. Vroom!" So Gilbert has been saying that and chortling with laughter anytime he gets in. 

Justin had a good time in Colorao, family, friends, a new truck. But we are glad to have him home. The world just seems right-er when he is around. While he was gone though, we kept busy with Olivia's senior play (pretty funny) and a weekend with Clover and Evan at Mom and Dads. You will just have to take my word that we were all there because I did not get my camera out once. It was a lazy-ish sort of weekend. Monday was Vetrans Day, so the kids had the day off school. Which was a good thing--Monday, we had a seventy degree day with gallons of sunshine. It felt like spring. All optimistic and bouncy. No way could we have let the kids fritter it away in school. We took the kids on a good long tromp through the fields and woods.

Love Cheyenne's skirt swishing and Gilbert running

Sister-cousins. Who fought a LOT this weekend, but couldn't stand not knowing exactly what the other one was doing and thinking and feeling.

Orianna and cows

Finding a late catepillar. And before you compliment on my mad crazy hair making skills, I didn't do her hair. Ashley did. She is the talented one.

Standing where we had a bonfire Sunday night

Cheyenne and Rilla discussing the kitten

Stick girl

Rilla and Lydia/Moxie. Not sure where those names came from, but they were used interchangeably. 

A patient Ashley and a boy with sticks

Fall woods

The grass is so much greener now than it was all summer.... 

Some wire all twisty

The intrepid kitty who followed us on our tramp

The crossroads, where two cowpaths converge.

Kids on a rock

Gilbert holding kitty. Poor kitty.

Lily rescuing Lydia/Moxie

LOVE Gilbert's happiness at seeing Lincoln coming

Love, love, love

We went to look at the cedars where we used to have forts when I was a little girl

Weeping willow

The sky was incredible

Awesome day. Like winning the lottery. For no good reason, you have a day of perfection. And pretty much every day this week has been sunshine. Not 70, more like 20, but I am okay with that. After all, I believe in weather being appropriate to the season. One day of 70's is perfection. Two days is weird.

So there is my life in the past two weeks. Well the highlights. I will leave out the over-stressed Mommy with an over-messed house and over-tired kids. Because I would prefer you all to think that I lead an idyllic life full of sunshine, good books to read, woods and fields to walk through, new trucks to ride, loving husband home, and fun family to do things with. 

So there it is. My mixed up happy list. 
1. Books
2. New Truck
3. Justin home
4. Family weekend
5. Sunshine

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine!


Verity Earl said...

How does reading novels make you shallow?? In that case, I would the most shallow of them all.

Love the pictures. Gilbert and Lincoln are so adorable. Orianna and Cheyenne sound a lot like me and Lindsey.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I just gorged on your blog, which I apparently haven't read since November 6th. I love all the pictures, and catching up with what you're doing. Because we never talk on the phone or anything. And this day was so beautiful. I love Gilbert and Lincoln being hand-holding buddies.