November 2, 2012

Optimistic Happiness

1. We will have clean sheets tonight. Lily threw up on her sheets and then on our sheets last night.

2. The kids are home from school due to Lily being sick and are in cozy clothes, sweatshirts, tights, sweatpants or jean skirts and slippers. They are dragging every blanket out and making a tent and camping beds under the dining room table.

3. The kids are fighting over the swiffer and the dust mop. But my floor is getting clean.

4. Our immune systems are getting a good workout--cold #4 in 4 weeks. At this rate, we will be able to survive the bubonic plague by spring.

5. I have lots to do today--dishes that didn't get done before meeting last night, lots of laundry (see #1), and paperwork stuff for Justin's taxes. I actually like having things to do. I know this sounds dorky, but days when I have stuff to do generally end up better than days when I have nothing much to do and waste the day on the computer.

Yeah, this isn't a chirpy Happy list. I don't like stuffy headed colds. I don't like sick kids and stuffy babies. I don't like waking up to a messy kitchen. I don't like fighting kids.

But it is still all mine and for that, I love it.

Here is to a better weekend!


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Just think, maybe we can come up next weekend and swap some germs and get everyone sick!!

Hope you have a puke-free evening.

Connie said...

Get better!! At least you're putting a positive spin on it. . .