May 21, 2014

The evening Cody came home

Cody got home on Monday. It was a gorgeous day, we had barbequed pork ribs, the grass was freshly mowed, some rousing discussions, a four sister game of Mexican train dominos that resulted in a lot of hilarity.... 

It was a great summery evening.

Running to see Uncle Cody

Showing off their latest and greatest tricks

Beautiful sky


Aunt Livie (who is moving away this week) and Elsie

Guys and a haybine


Gilbert and Elsie with Penny

Elsie loves Penny


Gears and Gilbert

The girls, gathering the mown grass

Running in the twilight
(I love the words twilight)

Boys, crawling around under machinery. 

Aunt Lindsey and Elsie


Evan and Clover and Co. said...
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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

We are enjoying stealing Uncle Cody down this way recently. My kids think he's hot stuff.