May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was sunshine-y and windy. A beautiful spring day. After meeting, we decided to take pictures. When Tyler was home in February, Dad had a picture of him and the three Vaughan boys, so since all the Vaughan girls were here, we decided to get a Mom and girl picture. And then, there were a lot of cute kids, so we took a lot of pictures. 

The New York Cousins

Aunt Livie, Hoyt, and sweet Elliott. Love this picture!

Livie is moving to Fargo, ND next week (wah!) so she wanted a picture of her and the nieces and nephews that were around. 

Elsie getting tickled by dog noses

Three of my kids

Me and my kids 

Ashley and her Hoyt-boy

Hoyt is just so cute.

Clover and those White kids. I have a couple pictures of her, and all of them have Elliott looking like this--apparently disgusted by something stage right. 

Discussing picture details

None of us thought about the branches making weird shadows. 

But that's okay! 

Hoyt in Daddy's arms

The newest Vaughan family

Patting Daddy's cheek. Or pinching it. 

Wiggle worm

Happy boys.

Owen and Justin played catch with Gilbert

This catch has more to do with Owen making a basket, than Gilbert's catching skills, but he enjoyed it!

Gilbert throwing the ball to Daddy

Ruffly girl in grass

Lincoln chasing a giant green ball

This weekend marked the 26 year mark of us moving to the farm, so it was a good time to hang up the sign Ashley painted. Now we need to get the post painted.

Isn't she clever? We used to have this same design of sign, with a Holstein instead of a Hereford, but times have changed and Holsteins are pretty scarce around these parts. 

Gilbert relaxing

Dad grilled up a storm for Sunday lunch!

The blurry Vaughan girls

Strawberry Romaine salad


Hoyt and Lindsey

Snuggling with aunties

Gilbert and Lincoln were completely incapable of passing a body of water without throwing a lot of rocks into it.

Elsie and Aunt Lindsey

New weeping willow leaves

Blowing in the wind

Aunt Tori and Elsie

The back view of the farm

Cheyenne and Orianna picking marsh marigolds

Orianna discovers how deep swamps can be in places.

King of the castle


Elsie climbing

More picking

Comparing sizes

Quaking Aspen leaves

They had rested their hands on this stump with their flowers, so I asked them to stay like that for a minute. They then had to pose. "Let's look off in that direction." 

Skipping rocks lessons




Chickens in the lane

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Virginia said...

Yo, I love your shoes on Mother's Day! Also, Lindsey is looking TAN! And Cheyenne and Orianna are not only good at posing, but they're almost teenagers. Especially Cheyenne! What the what!