May 19, 2014

A trip to the greenhouse

I love this time of year. The garden of my winter weary mind is still completely possible. My enthusiasm for being outside has carried me through a thorough weeding of my flower bed and given me zest for making things look ship shape. By the end of June, (or sometimes middle of June) I have a creeping apathy for my flower beds. By that point, the garden of my dreams has turned temperamental, weeds have proved annoyingly hardy, some weird little bug has perforated some key plants into a lacy shadow of their former selves, and it is hot.

But right now, it is all possible. Even definite. This year, everything will work out as it should. And so, I set off for the greenhouse with verve and vigor. I have been twice so far this year, once for perennials, once for bedding plants, and then, today with Lindsey, flowers for Mom's flower beds. I love greenhouses. The colors, the smell, the hope....

It is one of my rotating ideal jobs--owning a greenhouse.

This makes me laugh!

Silly boy

Love, love dahlias!

They have a fish pond there, which is the highlight for the kids. 

And then, we came back to the farm, to dandelions and chickens

And here are the chickens, hanging out in the flower bed. Because they can. Those chickens!

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