March 7, 2013

Rilla's birthday

Marilla became a five year old this week. So we celebrated last weekend. 

I knew it was going to be a party, but I didn't know it was going to be this much of a party! 

The terribly proud birthday girl

Ashley braiding Lily's hair for the party

The festive kitchen. This might not look too impressive, party-wise, but it is the most extravagant we have gotten with any birthday party. Be amazed.

All sorts of fun


Delighting in Cheyenne's present. And look how pleased Cheyenne is in the background!

Check. it. out!

I liked the decorations.

Seeing the bunk bed Uncle Justin made for her Bitty babies

Unwrapping the quilts, pillows, and sheet sets I made to go with the bunk bed

Trying it out

I had never made sheets before and Justin had never made a bunk bed, so we were terribly proud that it turned out so cute! Or at least I was. Justin is probably just used to making things that work right. The sheets were giving me fits, but I kept thinking about how much I would have loved a sheet set for a doll bed when I was a kid and how much Rilla would love it. And once I got the measurements and technique right, it was quite fun. Little things are more fun. 

I had planned to make two sweet little blue and white quilts for the bunk bed, but surprise, surprise, I ended up not having time. So I thought I would just make the quilts later and give them to Rilla afterwards. But it bothered me, since it was just more fun to get a bed with a blanket all together. Then I remembered these quilt squares that Mom had given me awhile ago. She found them at a garage sale and I didn't know quite what to do with two random squares. Besides making throw pillows, which we have quite enough of. So I added a white border to make them big enough, sewed some handy fat quarters on the back and finished it off. And now I have little quilt squares cut out in blue and white. The girls are pestering Justin for their own bunk bed and Justin is already talking about improvements he could make on the next one... so more wee quilts seem to be in my future.


Singing around the cake



A cute tummy

Our Elsie-poo  

The kids had to carry the bunk bed out so Elsie could see it.

On Daddy's shoulders

Pat, pat, smack! Pat, pat, smack!


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

That bunk bed has been carried up and down stairs about thirty times, and the sheets have been put on the bed at least triple that amount. A highly successful present, for sure, for sure, by golly.

The McCoys said...

Awesome party! Love the bunk bed and sheets/quilt you made - adorable!!

Virginia said...

Yo, I'm going to start referring to you guys as the Crafty Cottens. Muy bueno job! And muy bueno job on getting another hilarious pic of creeper Owen in the orange hat behind Lincoln haha!