March 22, 2013

Life ain't so bad

Hello, hello! Here I am again. I missed last weeks happy list. For good reason. I had a toothache. A horrible toothache which lasted all weekend. And the things I was happy about were pretty morbid. Like "If the pain gets any worse, I will pass out and then I won't even feel anything." Not an uplifting list. After suffering all weekend, I think most problems in the world could probably be traced back to toothache or chronic pain. Probably, if we only knew, Kim Jong Un has had a toothache for a few decades, which is why he acts like such an angry child.

My tooth and I parted company on Monday. It now hangs out on my windowsill, a testimony to Why-children-should-brush-and-floss-every-other-minute. Did you know that, women generally lose one tooth per child they have? Seriously. So this was Elsie's tooth. I lost one after Lily, but had root canals for Orianna and Gilbert. I am going to save this tooth for use in arguments and guilt trips when my kids are in my teens. I not only gave you life, I lost a tooth for you!

Beyond the toothache, life hasn't been exceedingly smooth lately. Our washer broke. Completely. Lily split her lip, requiring no stitches after a few hours at the hospital. And other frustrating things. Sort of minor major things. They are annoyances, but not like losing our house, having a terminal illness, discovering a sinkhole in our living room, losing a loved one, or being hit by a nuclear bomb. See? How can I help being an optimist when I can come up with a list of catastrophes in the blink of an eye that are not a part of my life? Life is GOOD.

So things that I am feeling happy about this morning.

1. We are going to Connie P's this afternoon for a little visit. It has been a long time since we could get over there, due to colds and weather, so we are really looking forward to this!

2. I have a gift certificate to White Flower Farms. And I am having a wonderful time putting different combinations of plants together to buy. I have been at it for a month now and still haven't ordered.

3. Last night, all three of our kids ate a little of everything at supper. We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots. Not exactly exotic cuisine. Still, Gilbert ate chicken in between piles of potatoes with a few bits of carrots mixed in and ingested entirely by accident, Orianna ate all three with only mild encouragement, Lily was persuaded to eat a few bites of chicken and carrots before she got her next heap of potatoes and gravy, and Elsie ate almost a whole bowlful of carrots, potatoes, and gravy. It warmed my heart. I know. This shouldn't be impressive. But since we have been trying to do "whole foods", the kids have been rebellious.  As soon as food is set before them, we hear "I don't like it." And then we fight and argue the whole meal time to make them eat. Before doing more whole foods, I thought we already did pretty good with healthy whole foods. I had that conceit taken out of me by my wee lad and lasses who look at whole food as if it were slightly toxic. But. Progress! Now that we have a firm grasp on the most basic of whole food, I am envisioning them scarfing down brussel sprout stir fry. Maybe a bit too soon to spring that on them?

4. Last night, after their bath, the girls ran back and forth in the living room with their towels flying behind them, pretending to be something or other. Such a ritual of childhood. I remember very little about Delaware. Life pre-my five year old self moving to New York. But one memory that is very clear is running down our hallway after our bath, with our towels flying behind us saying "Nan-ah, Nan-ah, Batman!" Actually, I am pretty sure we were yelling that. So after thinking this, I tried to remember as much as I possibly could about Delaware. And my memories are all muddled by the pictures we have of Delaware. Do I really remember being there, having that picture taken? Or did the picture just put a memory in  my head? I have an appalling memory. Lindsey has a phenomenal one. She is my memory bank. And she is coming back in about a month. Hooray! It is nice to have my memories a little closer than 4500 miles away!

5. I do not have a toothache.

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Connie said...

Yay for the toothache leaving your mouth! I feel your pain. They are the worst. I put mine off for about a year until this January I couldn't sleep, eat or barely breathe due to the pain, and had to suck it up and head to the dentist. $2000 dollars later, root canal and cap in place I felt pretty amazing. That's so funny. . I always wonder what memories are solely retrieved due to pictures, too. I do still think I remember Vermont, though. And I would have been very young. It's funny how kids are so different as far as foods go. To people who aren't parent's eating a meal consistent of a veggie, meat and potato might not seem like a milestone. BUT it is! Looks like Elsie already mastered it. It's the small things. Love your happy posts!