March 8, 2013

Happy things

1. We are on track to have our first sap boil this weekend. Mmmm... sweet smelling maple-y smoke. We finally got some sunshine today, making the sap run hard for the first time since we have tapped.

2. The sun has come north enough again to shine into our kitchen for just a few minutes each evening.

3. The time change is this weekend. Which is the beginning of long sunshine-y evenings.

4. These pictures.

5. I was going through rubbermaids in the basement today and I came across these two things, randomly stuffed into a box of kids toys. 

Lindsey gave me this. And it still makes me laugh. 

And this was an Ocean City picture from.... 2001? Or 2002? Anyway, we were all so young. 


The McCoys said...

Oh my goodness....that was 2002!! Right after Mike and I started Dating....good times! Thanks for sharing :) Sooo young :)

Virginia said...

Hahaha I loooove those retro illustrations w/ the little sayings. I was just talking to mom tonight about them and how you gave me a magnet w/ one on it. It's my favorite magnet. Haha.