March 13, 2013

Sinus induced self pity

I am feeling sorry for myself. There, you are now warned. I intend to whine.

 I have a sinus infection that feels like a bad toothache. A bad toothache that reaches around the eyes and into my ears. I went to the dentist and she concluded that it was a sinus infection after an x-ray and kindly whacking each of my tender teeth with her metal instruments and asking "Did that hurt?" I don't know if she sees a lot of stoics in her line of work, but believe me, if it had hurt, she wouldn't have had to ask. She gave me antibiotics, but they haven't really kicked in yet.

Last night, probably sick of a wife in pain, running on little sleep due to the pain, and feeling sorry for herself, Justin made me go to bed at 8. Seriously, he stood over my shoulder while I checked facebook and told me I needed to go to bed every few seconds. So I did. And 10 hours of sleep later, only occasionally interrupted by Elsie who was coughing with her newest cold, I decided sleep was just what the doctor ordered. Until I was up, doing the girls hair and my face started aching like billy-o. Wah!

So now I feel sorry for myself again. Mom suggested I get a hot water bottle and lay on it while reading a book. Hmmm.... Sounds like a decent way to spend a poor and put upon me day. I will have to discuss it with Gilbert and Elsie. I am sure, as soon as I explain the situation, they will both say they were planning on spending the day quietly in bed twiddling their toes anyway, so it is fine with them. For at least two minutes.

I realized, when feeling cranky with pain this morning that I should have been nicer to my mother who had a seemingly unending sinus infection when we were kids. Clearly, sinus infected mothers should have special, tender treatment. And somehow, amongt all eight of us rambunctious kids, I don't think tender treatment was our specialty. But then, my memory is faulty. Probably we were darling, solicitous children and I simply have forgotten.

And now, off to change some diapers, fold some wash, and do the breakfast dishes. Somehow, just talking about my sinus infection has made it disappear  While it is being shy and coy, I should really do something productive. In anticipation of my painful, leisurely afternoon in bed.

And now for something completely different, here are some North Country Winter pictures.

Driving to Burke

Almanzo Wilder Farm

Stuck in traffic in Malone

Barn by the stream

Stomping in puddles


Rebekah said...

Oh my...well at least you've made me shut up my whiney thoughts about my sinuses getting worse...they aren't infected, just annoying from pregnancy. It had gone away a bit, but not is back with a vengeance. Ugh. I hope the a/b kick in REALLY soon.

laura said...

I hope you get that leisurely afternoon! (:

Beautiful pictures!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear how crummy you feel. And SOOO very happy to hear how whiney you are! That gives me backup and support in my short-suffering tendancies. Those symptoms sound like my routine headaches, minus the teethache. Just undoes your clear thinking and leaves you swimmy-headed. I feel for ya bigtime, and love that you still have enough mental clarity to,once again, produce a fab, word-delicious post. Amazing.

Laura said...

Oh, and after all my recent and bewildering computer/phone/insurance travails, you are smilingly ensconsed back on my desktop for a quick-fix of all things wordily-descriptive. Now, THAT makes me happy.

Laura said...

Shoot. I meant ensconCed. hmpfh.