May 20, 2017

Cows, Easter Eggs, and Shenanigans

A long, long time ago, but I can still remember...

...there was Easter. 

There were a lot of calves running around. Be prepared for a lot of calf pictures.

Aren't they a pretty color? 

While we were up looking at the cows, we got to see a calf born. 

The White Parks being interested in Owen's hay bale

The new calf again. It was sort of a focal point for us. 

Suhit and Owen


Teresa and kids squished in the back while Aunt Geri and I were up front taking pictures and getting stuck

Trying to stand...


...and it is up!! With a little assist from mama cow.

I love the colors in the sunlight!

Saying hello to a nosy little calf

Getting a licking.

A fearless little calf

This thing was bawling it's fool head off for reasons unknown. The mother was right near it and it nursed while we were there. I think it just liked hearing it's own voice. 

Isn't it so beautifully white? 

Scott and Geri took us out to eat at Pizza Hut on Friday night!

I am stealing this picture from Geri's instagram because I don't have this one. 

For some reason, I don't have any pictures of Geri. But she was there! And we had such a nice time together. Geri, Mom, and I spent Saturday morning in used bookstores, antique stores, and junk shops. It was so lovely. 

Please admire my flowers and wee camper. The camper is supposed to be a bird feeder from Dollar General, but it struck me as something I sort of needed inside. 

Gilbert's new remote control car and Elsie's new baby high chair.


Another picture stolen from Geri's Instagram!

Modeling clay with Suhit and Teresa

Orianna's flower! 

Elsie showing Connie her clay creation

And one more Geri picture!


Egg hunting

Suhit helped the kids

Gilbert checking the mailbox for eggs

Suhit helping Mom with something retirement account-ish. 

Suhit is a terribly useful person to have around. 

Elsie rather likes this guy. 

I rather like these kids

Little nuts

The eggs were really smelly for some reason, so I took them all and threw them at a tree down by the creek.  A week later, they were all gone, so clearly some little animal enjoyed them. 

Buttercup leaves just starting out. 

Hawthorne trees just beginning to sprout

Red buds on something

Pussy willow

Playing with Mommy's toys.

And yes, I am that kind of mother who has toys she doesn't let the kids play with as a general rule. That should not be surprising to you at all. 

Deliciously yellow hydrangea

Intensely pink 

Stormy sky

Stargazer lily's Justin bought me. Isn't he nice? 

Pussy willows and lily buds


These two are such good friends.

Taking a walk with my wee friends.

Orianna and Lily walked over from Grandma and Grandpa's, so we walked to meet them. So much rejoicing when we were reunited. 

Pine forest

We need to say goodbye to these hand me down cowgirl books, which makes me very sad. Aren't they beautiful? 

Dirt road dust

Amish garden garlic

My hydrangea. 

Haven't I had lovely flowers lately? I was standing in my living room feeling rather flower rich the other day. So much beauty! All mine. Happiness!

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Geri Douglas said...

awesome pictures we had a wonderful time!