December 23, 2016

Some north country December things

Last weekend we went down to the White's for Cheyenne's birthday weekend. It happened to be their special meeting weekend, so we horned in on special company! The kids had a lovely time with Jane. Poor Jane had eight excited kids to listen to. She's a pretty good sport. We had an awesome time with her!

Lincoln with his paper towel tube and pumpkin gun. 

For her birthday Cheyenne wanted to have her mother to herself and go shopping. She ended up buying all her cousins presents. Elsie got a Pippa Pig calendar, which thrilled her terribly.  

We were invited downstairs for a piano recital for Rilla and Lily. 

The program. 

Lily's songs were originals. In case you couldn't tell. I really love the Song of Revenge in three parts. 

A nifty little car downstairs at Clover and Evan's

Rilla taking her place at the piano.

The audience.

The intermission entertainment

Elliott is a super awesome kid and trumpet player

Lily's concert attire might need a little work... 

Lula came over to pick up Jane. Her car became a little misdirected on the ice and snow, so the stout lads headed out to sort it out. 

Pretzel treats

Rilla reading to her little cousins

Lily took up knitting again this month. 

St. Lucia buns that didn't live up to the hype. They just weren't that great. 

Final stretch of final paper writing. Mom fortified me with date nut bars.

It is a little crazy actually being finished. I don't quite know what to do with my time. I have been so regimented for so long that I have to work out an entire new routine. 

I needed a picture for our about us part of the website we designed this semester, so Justin took this one of me. 

Justin heading out to deal with the snow

Snowy roads

And fields

We got a major snowfall before Thanksgiving. It drifted wayyyyyy up the side of the school, completely covering several windows. 

Listen, I love snowy woods. 

Do you know how happy this road makes me every day? 

Snowing furiously

The kids school district and my school district were the only two districts in the area that didn't call a snowday. The Amish didn't wimp out either. School was in session. 

I picked up the school teacher this particular morning who was wading through the snowdrifts and dropped her off by the school. She had uninsulated rubber barn boots on and didn't once complain about the weather, just discussed Thanksgiving pies and how pretty the snow looked.

Corn shocks.  

Winter Sunset


Cecil and Amy said...

The winter pictures are absolutely wonderful and you must keep posting them. How can such a lot of activity be happening with the weather but it is just so silent? Awesome!

I had to laugh at Elliott as he was making the pretzel treats- I have to say that not once in my 46 year life have I crouched on the counter to cook! Yes, I'm sure you can detect my jealousy at him even being able to do it! :)

Merry Christmas!

Oh, and I like the picture Justin took of you!

Virginia said...

Great, peaceful, love-filled, happy pics.

Geri Douglas said...

Awesome....winter in the North Country is without words, glad for your pictures Bet