December 28, 2016

Family Pictures

After the snowstorm, I went home, made everyone get dressed all matchy and marched them out to get their pictures taken. By the time we got up here with Tori, we had about 20 minutes of light left. So it was a little hurried. 

These kids make me happy. Every single day. 

So does this guy. 

Love these happy girls!

Some silly pictures

Slightly awkward picture.

 Love Gilbert being scrunched, Elsie looking like having a weird family is just her reality, Lily having a snooze and Justin and I oddly scrinched down .

This girl is so grown up all the sudden!

Gilbert was so good and cooperative this year! Even with his pocket lining poking out. 

Elsie sees something really cool up in the sky. 

Pretty much identical to the last one. But... I am going to put it up anyway. 


Cecil and Amy said...

Nice pictures! Please think of your old friend Amy if you happen to print any of the first one. haha

Elsie is a card! My eyes are drawn to her first in every picture! The last picture looks like you've finally had enough of her and you're about to backhand her! haha

Is this YOUR ROAD? How am I supposed to not be envious?

Love 'em!

Geri Douglas said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful................................................Love Love Love these!! send us one or two please!