December 12, 2016

November things (A high concentration of Abilene pictures)

Saturday Morning in the winter--Dad makes waffles. Scrumptious waffles!

Abilene was intent on drinking out of this little bitty teapot. She refilled it about 10,000 times.

Blockus with Aunt Lindsey and Scott

Owen and Hoyt

I took some family pictures for the youngest set of Vaughans

Aren't they beautiful?? 

These kids!

This sunshine girl!


Hoyt's grin!

Abilene is edible! 

Hoyt, about to pull (or play) with Abilene's hair

Aren't they great?

Heading home

LOVE this picture!

Sunshine people

Lily took my camera and took a lot of pictures of Abilene. 

Sweet Elsie girl

Kids definitely get different angles

Grandma and Grandpa's toys

Hoyt giving Elsie a shot

The kids loved having Aunt Lindsey home!

One morning as I was leaving for work, the road was full of Amish buggies. Apparently they were having a wedding at our neighbors. Not one of our neighbors, but they were holding the wedding there. A lot of buggies. 


Evening Sky

Sunset clouds and moon


Cecil and Amy said...

I love the family picture of Owen and Ashley's. And Abilene's hair is so so cute!

Geri Douglas said...

love all the pictures, it has been awhile since I looked on anyone's blogs, love to see Lindsay again, hopefully one of these days!! Nice pictures~

laura said...

Such photo goodness!!!