August 4, 2016

Summer things

Owen pontificating while working on the four wheeler. And Dad checking in with Elsie-bean. 

Elsie was quite intrigued by the goings on.

I believe the subject was politics.

Dad and his other child. 

That's my pa!

Lily was very attached to her purse this particular evening. 

The elm tree and clouds

We went down to Clover and Evan's for a wee visit last week. Justin became the favorite uncle by making everyone bow and arrows.

Unsharpened arrows of course. Because sharp ones might be dangerous. 

I like these green cousins. 

Lincoln the cowboy

Shooting in scarves. With the cowboy.

And then the daddies had to try it out.

We were able to attend a talent show. 

The program

The youngest talent

Old McDonald song and dance. Gilbert is practicing levitating in only one sock.


Silly songs.


The youngest talent was rather intent on climbing on the railing.

I love those green boys in the back.

An original poem by Orianna and Marilla about the seasons. 

(Also, interesting factoid, my camera rolled over 10,000 and started back at 00001 with this picture. Or the picture before this one. I bought my camera exactly two years ago, which means I take about 5,000 pictures a year. Or... approximately 14 pictures a day. Hmm... that doesn't sound very impressive.)

Crazy musicians


His hands are a blur!

Fashion show!

Darth Vader in tube socks just about killed me. I LOVE that boy!

General silliness

Luke skywalker and Darth Vader with a purple princess between them.

Singing Happy Birthday to Uncle Justin.

Happy Birthday to my darling!


Cecil and Amy said...

I particularly liked this post! I like especially where you call your wonderful Dad your pal and your wonderful husband your darling. You get an A+ on word choice, ma'am!

Cecil and Amy said...

Haha! I just had this brainstorm and I was right- you didn't say my pal, you said my pa! Oh well, I will have to deduct the plus from your A+ grade!!!

Bethaney said...

Ohhh! I wanted that A+! ;-) Haha! He is a pal though.

Virginia said...

Good golly, these kids are getting big! And Darth Vader in tube socks is pretty killer! HAHA!