July 12, 2016

Cousins and Summertime

Clover, being the kind and charitable person she is, came up to help us move. The kids were thrilled to be together.

These two!

Such pals.

And then took another walk. Precisely the same walk we took you on last blog post. But with different characters. 

Lily and Rilla were trying to synchronize their skips. 

Cousin friends! This makes my heart happy!

These cows are the bane of Owen's existence. Owen had just reseeded this field and the cows decided it looked like good eating and got into it every day for a week or so. Owen did a lot of running and chasing and hating particular cows.

But clearly the cows thought it was worth their time.  

Sweet cousins.

Some Cottens

and some Whites.

The hay Owen was raking last post.

Waving to Uncle Cody, coming home from baling.


Farmer Lincoln

Cousins on hay bales.

And Hoyt too! Doing his smile-for-the-picture face.

Seeing if they could catch a ride on Owen's tractor.

Nope! When something is attached, it is sort of dangerous to have kids on board. If they somehow fell off, they would run over instantly. So we meandered homeward.

And saw a beautiful sunset

Isn't he adorable?

Rilla was trying to coach Hoyt on how to be quiet and patient enough to have the skittish cat let you pet her. 

He succeeded! Rilla is a pretty good teacher.

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Jolene said...

Lovely as always! Looks like they really have a good time together! Happy moving!