August 7, 2016

Sunday in July

Last month, I took a lot of pictures of a Sunday afternoon. And now I am finally getting them up. I feel like I am vaguely catching up on life. We did get our house listed finally, finally. Oh the accomplishment! A week later and no one has bought it yet. Not sure what they are waiting for. 

This particular Sunday was the day before the Fourth of July. So we had patriotic pavlovas. Justin cleverly put the berries on while I wandered around taking pictures and getting in people's way.

Philsy and Scott. 

A kitchen of lovely people. And Connie's bread.


Tire swing Gilbert

Pheobe trying out Hoyt's shopping cart.

Elsie on the tire swing.

The girls were introduced to Dutch Blitz at Clover's game night that weekend and they fell in love. 

Elsie and her Uncle Toad

This girl, is my pal. 

Isn't she grand?

Yes, she is. 

Those teeth!

An embarrassed Elsie dear.

Gilbert fruitlessly telling Penny she couldn't come on a walk with him. Ha! 


Haybale kids

Isn't this hand holding thing perfectly adorable? 

Can I tell you how happy this cousin togetherness makes me? We grew up with a set of cousins just two miles away and our lives were so intertwined we hardly knew were one stopped and the other one started. 

Cousins are awesome.

Heading home.

That night, we had a bonfire. The girls brought their coloring stuff outside.

They did a lot of this. 

My parents. Mom being elegant, Dad embracing his inner Huck Finn. Or maybe just reaffirming that he is Cody Vaughan's father. 

What a swell guy.

These two are pretty okay. 

I couldn't decide what picture to leave out!

So I put up three. I really love this one though! 

Our fast burning bonfire.

Back when daylilies bloomed....

Hoyt and his bat.

Father and son

Gilbert made a book for Grandma and read it to her.

The kids were delighted to watch these birds that nest right above Mom and Dad's window. 

Mom and her brother. With Gilbert enthusiastically singing a version of his book while they had a semi serious conversation.

Ashley is a pretty swell aunt to my kids.

Mom bought LED rockets which were a huge hit. 

You just shoot them off with a rubber band slingshot deal and then the light shines while the descend. Like a firefly.

Hoyt ran around picking them up. 

Grandpa teaching Gilbert

Justin patiently waiting until I got the picture.

Miss Lydia and Elsie

I think Cheyenne took the next few pictures.

Hoyt with marshmallows and a jumping rope.

Gilbert going for quantity.

My beautiful Orianna girl

Ashley reading to these cool kids.

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Virginia said...

I love your fam! All of 'em! Looks like a lovely and summer-y July!