July 11, 2016

Farm evening

Walking in the evening. From a few weeks ago. I am very behind times lately. On my blog and in everything. I have a backlog of to do's. I need a personal secretary and laborer. I think a managerial position would suit me down to the ground at this point in my life. 

(Hmm... Does making other people accomplish things you need to get done give you as much satisfaction as accomplishing things yourself? I would love to test that theory out.) 

If you are wondering about our progress in moving and settling in, we still are. Check back in a few months, we might have made significant strides by then. 

Actually, we are close to done the house. At this point, we are down to touch up painting, cleaning, and a few odds and ends of trim. But it seems sort of treadmill-ish. You get something done and realize there are four more things to do that you had somehow forgotten about. 

But oh, the end is in sight. And what an end it will be. 

I plan on doing nothing for an entire day when I am done. 

Grass is so pretty against the sky.

Vetch and yellow clover

Gap-toothed Lily

Walking up the hill to see Owen raking hay.

Hoyt and Abilene feet

Oh, this land. 

And now for some blurry pictures of kids jumping over windrows of hay.

Mustn't disturb the hay!

This place we love.

Rake blades in the evening sun

Doing it's thang

Then we had to jump back over. 

And then back and forth a couple times. 

Because jumping is fun.

Hay field and Elm


Fencepost and vetch

Older hay

A tangle of bedstraw and vetch


Penny girl, who is gradually getting used to being a singleton.

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