November 19, 2015

Little things

Last week we heard of two young mothers with advanced cancer. Neither of them is hopeless, but they have some difficult days ahead. And then, I have been thinking more about the Syrian refugees, and the mothers all over the world whose immense love for their children can't keep them from horror or even give them a safe place to sleep at night. 

I am so ridiculously lucky. The wild luxury of an ordinary life.  

These are ordinary pictures. Mostly from my phone, which is why I haven't posted them. But they are ordinary little pictures of the lovely little people in our life. 

Mom bought Elsie a Child's Book of Cozy Poems by Cyndy Szekeres. She spent one whole morning on the sofa, flipping through it and showing me the best parts.

On the way home from one of our walks. As we were walking along, Elsie said "I want to push the stroller up the hill by myself, so you will have to help me." She is definitely the spoiled youngest. 

These sheep have already moved on to the next farm

Pigs and drop apples

Orianna doing homework with Abilene. "She is so cute! I can't even concentrate!"

Gilbert has loved learning

A goose egged Elsie

I do love sheep

This was one day's magazine haul. Tis the season!

Elsie thought Dogbert was hilarious.

Playing with Play-doh from California cousins

Gilbert's creations

Gilbert met this sweet dog at the new Sierra Trading Post in Burlington. STP is a store I love more online than in store. 

Elsie and Hoyt's lunch table. And the bulk of the mess is my daughters. Sigh.

Hoyt loves cooking up tractors

Elsie, being a turtle. "Hoyt, you put the book on my back." She is really into pretending she is an animal. Her favorite is a puppy. She crawled around an Old Navy store last week until she started getting in people's way and I told her to get up. 


Eating carpet strings

Dressed up turkey's outside the pre-K room while I was walking the halls after hours. They are quite spectacular. I am going to assume there was a lot of parental or teacher guidance on these. Because they look better than the older grade's turkeys. 

An Elsie self portrait. Tutu on leather. 

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Jeannie said...

Life is precious! We've been reminded of this again. Love seeing the little details in your every day life. I've been so aware of the little ordinary things and so thankful for so much!