November 2, 2015


A house in town had this jack-o-lantern out

This little chicken and I walked to school to watch the Halloween parade. Our school still does costumes, a parade outside for parents, a parade inside for the middle and high schoolers to see the kids(we have a K-12 building), a Haunted Hayride by the FFA and large, excessive parties with potentially homemade items. We live on the edge up here.  

Being a bit shy 

He has goals. I love this kid!

Kindergarten pumpkins. 
Gilbert's is all the way over to the left in the middle. I am thinking he may have had help with the placement of the orange strips. 

I had to go down to the art room to fetch Gilbert's knight helmet, which he had misplaced and I saw this at the high school gym. Whaaaat? We never got to do archery. Back in my day...

Gilbert, lining up with his class 

Some of the parents waiting for the parade.

Gilbert's teacher, Mr Berns, was a scuba diver

This might not seem like a lot, but seeing Gilbert, so excited to see Elsie and I, walking carefully by with all his class instead of running over and ignoring everything he was told before they came out, was really... well, I was proud. I worried so much about how he would do in school and he is doing really well, socially. He isn't a problem child, he is good. I have known all along that he was good, but I worried the excitement and constant stimulation of being in a room with twenty other kids might make him act out. 

There is still a good deal of enthusiasm in him, but he is well behaved. Mostly. 

This is Wyatt, the other little boy with Down's in Gilbert's class

Some costumes. Surprisingly, there were only a few Elsa's and no Anna's. 

My little knight

Lily, in her Kuspuk. Since living in Alaska, I have been wanting to make a kuspuk. So I finally did. Lily loves it and plans on wearing on a regular basis. 

Kuspuk's are light summer coats, but they are roomy enough to go over a winter parka. I guess to make the parka's more beautiful or distinctive. When I was making this, late Thursday night, I realized this might be where the idea of hoodie sweatshirts came from. We owe so much to Alaska.

Older kids

Unenthusiastic Southern Belle

My cowgirl

Old lady

My sweet girl

You can't really see in this picture, but I saw a couple of these masks. There is a heart filled with "blood" and when the kid squeezes it, the blood rushes up and drips down their face. Quite disturbing.

A giant pumpkin on our way home

Abandoned houses really come into their own this time of year. 

Trick or treating

We had to take a picture to send to Daddy

The last few here are phone pictures. Sorry about the quality.

Trick or treating at Owen and Ashley's, we met this Bad Hombre.

Who then became a lion

All the kids, trick-or-treating at Mom and Dad's. Mom and Dad get no trick or treaters, so the grandkids got the run of the candy bowl.

They all had white eye, (which made them look possessed) . The red eye feature wouldn't fix white eye, so I went into paint and scribbled a little dark in each of their eyes. Don't look close. 

A giant Chicken hovering over a sweet elephant

A tractor playing lion


Jolene Crites said...

Adorable and sweet! That bad hombre's jacket is tops!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Oh, what sweeties. Adore them all.

Laura said...

Ummmm. A fierce lion w/ a passie is really not so fierce after all.