November 5, 2015


Last night, I went over to the farm with good intentions of going up to the hill, to the wild orchard there and picking drop apples to feed to the pigs with for a few weeks. But I wasn't organized enough, in that I didn't have anything to put the apples in or anything to put the things I put the apples in in, like a truck. Mainly, I thought the kids might stop fighting if we went over to the farm. After five minutes of looking at pigs and sheep, it was evident that fighting was going to happen, no matter what, so we went home. But to save my sanity, I took a wandering way home and took pictures.

Taking pictures makes me feel better, almost always. 

Goldenrod, monuments to the summer that was

Sunset on the barn


This willow looks like a menorah, with lots of curved arms. 

A fuzzy picture, but love the glow

The cows all had to see what I was up to

Scottish Highlander in the sun.
What is with white eyes lately? Everything I take a picture of has white eyes.

This other Highlander is a bit pushy. Mainly because she has horns and most of the other cows don't. So if someone gets too close she tosses her horns in their general direction. Meanie. 

She looks a bit startled

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Laura said...

One would think, one would - that those cows would be udderly bored with you and your camera. I mean, it's not 'zactly a novelty so much.