October 21, 2015

The first snow and Hoyt's Second Birthday

Saturday, as I said, was a lovely day. Breakfast with the workers, then over to Mom and Dad's to see the Whites and Scott and Sarah, and then up to Owen and Ashley's for supper and Hoyt's birthday party. 

We got our very first snow on Saturday. And I was giddy. There is something so exhilarating about the first snow. And since there were several snow haters inside (how could they?) I took my delightedness outside with me to take pictures. 

Still, I wasn't sad that it was 60 here yesterday. In Northern New York, you never have to worry about whether you will get snow this year. You will have snow in bucket loads. We might not see the grass from December to April. So I can wait a little for that. 

Particularly since I am replanting all my perennials, which would be cold in snow. Why did I wait until mid October to do this? Siiiiigh. 

 The snow started out as hail. 
Hail and a leaf

And then turned into snow. Gilbert and Lily were exuberant enough to counteract the adult nay-sayers who only see snow as something to shovel and drive carefully through. 

Clearly I am a little childish about snow. 

On of the many luxuries of being a stay at home Mom.

I was trying square pictures, since I am technically on instagram. The other day, Nina texted me that she had started following me, but it looked a little futile to do so. And I meant to post one of these just to prove her wrong, but I just didn't. 

Owen heading out to hunt. Saturday was also the first day of hunting season. Elliott is collecting snow for the first snowball of the season. Which hit Owen squarely in the back.

Rilla and Lily doing a happy snow dance

This is such a poignant looking picture. This is Mom and Dad's camper that they just bought. They got a really good deal on it from a mechanic Cody bought a car from, and the kids adore it. They play out there for hours on end. 

Standing under the tree, watching the snow fall

It was swoony. 

My sweet Orianna

Snowballs flying

And then, the snow was all gone. Aren't Owen and Ashley's tree gorgeous?

Ashley had a farm themed party. 

These were the pigs to pop

Little cows Mom gave Hoyt 
(Or at least I am pretty sure it was Mom)

The cake. Spreading Manure. Quite hilarious.

Hoyt's uncles in their usual poses. They had worked hard all afternoon putting our new furnace in.  

Getting headgear on for pin the tail in the cow

I have no idea what this is, but it is funny.

Elliott drew the cow. Note the grass in the teeth.

Checking out who one, which I think was Elliott

Hoyt was a little usure about everyone singing to him.

Blowing out the candles

Elsie being a pout face. 

Which were so exciting, that no matter how many times we told everyone to sit down so the other kids could see, the kids would all hop up again as soon as the next present was opened. 

I love these kids. 

Ashley and Hoyt

This is a shirt I made Hoyt. Let this be a cautionary tale to you to always use interfacing when you applique so your pieces don't wiggle into the wrong shape. This cow is decidedly crooked and skinny. Sigh. I might try it again. 

Grandpa and Abilene, who slept through the first part of the party. 


Geri Douglas said...

What a treat, nice to see all these pictures. I am loving being home, and tackling the closets, so I am up to my neck in clothes, to sort, throw or keep, and Scott likely thinks I can have all the rooms painted before he gets here in two weeks, but thankfully he is letting me get my ceilings and den wall and hall painted by a professional!! Happy Birthday Hoyt.

Bethaney said...

I can only imagine how delighted you are to be up to your neck in the "home-ness" of organizing and sorting! And wow-wee! Geri getting a professional in for painting! :-) You have earned a rest from painting me thinks! Enjoy the watching!

Jolene Crites said...

Such fun! Don't you dare redo that little cow shirt! It's so cute!! But for future projects, go ahead and use interfacing. :) Better yet, use that double sided stuff (stitch-witch, or something?) It makes embroidery of this sort SO easy.