October 19, 2015

A Snowy Sunday Afternoon

We had a lovely weekend. Gospel meeting and workers Friday night, then over to Mom and Dad's early Saturday morning to see cousins and Scott and Sarah. Workers came over for lunch. The first snow, Saturday afternoon. A lazy Saturday afternoon, while Justin and Evan worked on installing our new furnace. Then to Owen and Ashley's for Hoyt's second birthday party. 

But these are the pictures of Sunday afternoon. A lazy, cozy, snowy afternoon. 

Hoyt was cutely reading to Abilene, but he got a little silly when I got the camera out.

Ticket to ride


Then, Elsie somehow locked herself in the bathroom, which added a lot of excitement to the afternoon. She can unlock the outside door at our house, which involves a deadbolt and doorknob lock, but was stymied by the lock she had just locked in the bathroom. Five guys all giving advice and lot of excited kids jabbering around. For some reason, that door lock involves a key, long lost in the mists of time. I think Dad did discover it finally, to get her out.

Sarah and Abilene watching progress

Apparently no on is up on lock picking.

After a few minutes, Owen decided to put an older kid through the window to unlock the door, which excited the older kids greatly. Unfortunately for them, the door was unlocked before that was necessary. 

Elsie wasn't in the least concerned about the fuss.

Owen and Abilene 

Hoyt and I am a bunny 

Lincoln wearing Tori's socks

Mom reading the paper, Justin reading to Hoyt and Elsie while it starts snowing

Rilla and Lily playing with Barbies

Being friends

Watching it snow

How eight kids neatly put their boots when they come in from the snow.

Poor dogs don't have their winter coat just yet, so they were a little cold.

Snow on a little elm

Tori's calf was out. For some reason, it liked licking Justin's hand

It was very easy to put away

Elliott pretending to pick his nose


Aunt Clover and Abilene

Ashley making popcorn for supper while Elsie looks at Ashley's phone.


Laura said...

Sigh. This all makes me very happy.
Like all your posts do.

Cecil and Amy said...

I can just imagine the cacophony of noise around that bathroom door! haha

Be still my heart...beautiful leaf picture AND snow? whew!

And there was something just so Vaughan about seeing the Argentina book at the ready for anyone needing to take a peek.

Bethaney said...

Well, we have to keep up with our globe trotting sister somehow! Dad bought that book and a map of Argentina before she left.

And the gorgeous leaves and snow was phenomenal. I stood outside in the snow looking up and thought I had never seen anything as beautiful. Of course, I have, but it WAS awesome.