October 27, 2015

The Everyday Things

Some pictures from the last week or so

I finally tore up my overcrowded flower beds. Since we are hoping to have our house on the market next year, I decided that annuals would be easier to keep looking lovely. So all my perennials were divided between Mom and Ashley. (I fully intend to come back for cuttings and divisions from them in a year or so when we have our new house and my carefully planned out (insert deluded laugh here) flower beds are all ready for planting.) I didn't consult a single one of the 10 gardening books I own on proper transplanting and dividing for the various plants, so whether they will actually grow next spring is a bit of a toss up. 

This hydrangea was the biggest thing I transplanted. 

It didn't quite fit in the van. So I drove to Ashley's like this. Fortunately no cop was passing by. 

Glitter feet this past weekend. These kids of mine err on the side of excess when determining the amount of glitter they think will stick to any particular blob of glue. 

Glitter projects in full dress up

Then into various Halloween costumes for the trunk or treat. Lily was excited.

Lily was hopping here. I don't remember why. 

Little nut 

My very grown up cowgirl and a broken down bumblebee. This is what happens when you are the youngest of three girls. Your bumblebee is missing most of one antennae and your wings are slightly squashed.

The Trunk or Treat. The theory being that kids won't go out on Halloween night, which isn't as safe. The reality is that everyone gets extra candy. 

Walking home feet

Mom reading to the littles on Sunday afternoon

Lily cuddled up in Livie's old sleeping bag with the Sunday paper

Introduction to Harry Potter

Sweet, happy baby! Despite the fact that she has an awful cold that makes her croupy. 

Making a skidsteer out of a chair.

The grocery store lilies I bought because they were too pretty to walk away from. They make me quite happy. 
I was just reading a book in which people made disparaging remarks about grocery store flowers. Which is clearly the provenance of the people who have local flower markets. For us in the back of beyond in the frozen north, we will stick to grocery store flowers and love them.

This morning, I went to Martin's (our local bulk food store) for peanut butter. I left without peanut butter, but with a wire rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge and a vintage crazy quilt throw pillow. Both of which make me very happy. I had good intentions of getting the peanut butter and skedaddling, but the peanut butter was out of stock and that pillow, which is new, caught my eye. Clearly I have a problem with impulse control. Must buy pretty lilies! Must buy bright pillow! I have been eyeing the bridge all summer, and while I stood there this morning deliberating, the guy who does the antiques in Martin's came by and we got to talking and he marked the Bridge down for me. He is terribly nice. 

And I love my bridge and pillow! 

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I'm sooo frustrated! I just wanna click on every pic that especially catches my fancy, and even more, acknowledge delight at your captions as well! Hmpfh. This general one at the end of the page'll have to do.