September 17, 2015

Pictures of summer things

The problem with older pictures, is that I sort of write blog posts in my head as I am editing the pictures, so I have to go search through my old posts to see if I actually wrote one or not. I am pretty sure I haven't posted them. 

This is how we like to spend hot days. Settled in front of the fan, still in our jammies.

Cody and the tools of his trade

Field of clover

Wrapped hay bales

Spinning jumps in the evening


We didn't have candles for Mom's cake, so we used matches. 

Hoyt eating birthday cake

Lily's castle

A fort town. Sigh. It isn't just that they have blankets everywhere, but they have to thoroughly furnish each little individual fort. So the clean up is massive. But I like their enthusiasm for building.

The return of Daddy

After meeting one Sunday. 
Justin's tie is always askew in our pictures. It is his trademark. 

Alex and Cris walking home

Coming back from bringing Connie her paper 

How they spend their Sunday afternoon. 

This is how Cody hays--with a cooler of soda on the front of the tractor

We went to watch bale picking up one evening. I have a lot of lovely pictures of this on Cody's phone. My camera died after a few pictures. 

And then my camera died. Maybe I will some day get the pictures off Cody's phone. 

Stormy sky

Goldenrod and barbed wire

Nettle in the evening light

It started raining on the dry dirt

Lemongrass that fell from someone's bouquet for grandma


A rooster fight. Totally legal, I promise you. These are the two warring roosters. Actually, Cody got rid of them by putting an ad on craigslist. So our chicken and rooster population is greatly reduced. 

Don't they look prehistoric?

I promise, no one died in this fight. 

Getting a little of his own back

Swimming braid and sweet girl

Checking out some cows

1 comment:

Laura said...

Ahhh, little toes gilded in summer's light
Lily's castle is FAB! There's Gramma's artistic fix!
Funny how Justin's tie is NOT askew on the paper run. At least, the under portion is still, well...under.
The fence posts, barbed wire and goldenrod photo has great composition and angling. Or whatever it's properly called. I don't know the terms but I know what I like and I like that pic.