September 2, 2015

Lake Clear

Yesterday, Ashley called to say they were going to Lake Clear for the afternoon and did we want to go along. We had had a supremely laid back (ok, totally lazy) morning, our fridge was bare, and our house a mess, so I said no. We had to get some things done. And then, as I sat down at the computer to check my email and read a news article, I suddenly realized the absurdity of it. We needed to go to Lake Clear. So we whizzed around and left a few minutes later. And it was a lovely day.

Still, that means our fridge is still bare and our house is still a mess. So today had better be a day of doing. Or else. My organizational scheme for fall depends on a clean house a little. Must. work. hard. today.

Barnum Pond on the way down

Lake Clear. Sigh. I love huge pine trees framing things. 

Setting up our little bit of earth

Walking in


Gilbert has to stick his head under water first thing. He loves it.

A butterfly/moth of some kind 

Elsie is an enthusiastic splasher. 

Lily was very into building with the sand

Seed pod of some kind

A cicada

Sparkling sunspots

A thousand little suns

Ikea bowls are actually very good little shovels. Better than the typical little sand shovel. Clever Ashley brought them along.  

Happy Orianna

Gilbert and a stick

Running into the water

This makes me laugh

Industrious Hoyt

Sweet kids

Seagull and sun. I looks slightly like those inspirational card images. 

One cute kid.


Hoyt showing his toes too

Orianna handstand

Ashley and Hoyt

Lily bean

Fall must be coming, the blueberry bushes are turning red.

Adirondack foliage



Drying out

Bearberry. Although, in Alaska, it was called the kinnikinnick berry

Getting ready to leave

Walking out

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Geri Douglas said...

looks like you had a perfect day. There was a little girl who just loved Pippy at Malcom that looked a lot like Orianna.