September 10, 2015

Cement at Owen and Ashley's

The afternoon of the first day of school, we went up to Owen and Ashley's to help pour concrete for their porch. 

It was a gorgeous day.

Abilene being adored. 
It is amazing to think about these kids of ours. Everywhere they look, there is love. We are so lucky.

The cement truck got slightly tangled in the old telephone line over the driveway. Fortunately, it is obsolete and not missed.

The porch, ready for concrete

Spreading it out

The looker ons

I had the difficult job of watching this little pumpkin

Who was entirely happy watching the lilac leaves in the wind

Smoothing out the top. This was about where the truck got snagged on one of the posts and cracked it. Oops. Maybe this driver had spatial awareness issues. 

Gilbert had a rake and thought he should help too. 

Orianna and Abilene

A banged up knee and her favorite sneakers

Orianna took some pictures of Abilene and me

Watching Daddy

Lily, riding the float as a weight

The men. 

Playing in a grove of maples we used to play in

Gilbert climbing a tree his size

While Lily climbed the apple tree

Something interesting was happening, stage left.

Love this picture

Reading girl

Edging it

Ashley and her baby


Jolene Crites said...

Looks like fun! That last photo is a lovely picture of Ashley!

Laura said...

Oh, I just so enjoy your pics, your writing, the eloquent insights into your life! Thank you...