July 14, 2015

All in a day's work

We are home from Canada, fresh from some wonderful days. It has been hot these past three days, but should cool down tomorrow. A mountain of laundry is awaiting attention. And four kids are quite anxious to go swimming before the thunderstorms this afternoon. And so, this blog post is one I did before we left. 

More of cousinly togetherness.

What one day with all the cousins looked like. They are busy kids! Actually, the first few pictures of the park are before lunch, when Clover and the other cousins were driving North.

At Malone Rec Park with the these boys and Elsie. This old truck was a hit.

King of the castle

Elsie and Gilbert were gravely disappointed that they couldn't climb. But I have a policy that if you are unable to reach it yourself, it probably isn't a good idea for you to be on it. 

Climbing boy

Then Levi found a spot or two where the boards have been damaged and removed. Instant secret hideout!

Walk with the kids

Thistle Flowers 

The wonder of the softness of thistle flowers amid all the prickles, never grows old

Love Lily in this one. And Breanna holding Elsie. And Gilbert patting Penny. And Sweet Cheyenne. 
I just like these kids.

 Levi and Elliott were too entranced with Legos to deign to go on a walk with the rest of us, so they are missing.  

This elm tree is a bit of a Full Circle Farm landmark. It is a huge old tree. Most other elms in the area succumb to Dutch Elm Disease, so there are very few big elms around. But this one is resistant. 

Breanna was quite sweet with Elsie

Lily and Andy

Girls I love

Stone wall climbing

Lincoln is very into giving bunny ears right now

Then climbing on the hay bale snake

Elsie causing a traffic jam

Lincoln knows how to wear cowboy boots with swagger

Aunt Lisa and Elsie



Picking bushels of flowers for Grandma

Then after a very quick swim (It was in the low seventies and the water was quite cold) we had an Ashley taco supper. Ashley does tacos pretty fabulously. 

Lily and Abilene 

Sweet girl

Smiling at Lily

Love this baby!

Uncle Cody and some fans

A very dirty, tired girl

But not so tired that she doesn't want a wagon ride

Mud puddles again

Then, after making the whole meal, Ashley pulled out paints and paintbrushes and did an art project with all the kids. (Except Abilene who was uninterested.) She is pretty much Super Aunt!

There was a little bit of toplessness going on among the five year old boys

Hoyt was busy with his wagon meanwhile

Marilla wasted no time in dithering about what to paint. She just started in. 



Lily and Rilla

Elsie used her whole canvas as a paint mixing platform

Hoyt and Grandma Wendy

Abilene and Grandpa

Levi and his masterpiece

Breanna painting her tree

Hoyt painting with Daddy. He was considering if he should put it in his mouth or not. He did. 

Tire Swing

I didn't get a great shot of all the finished canvases, but they were all lovely. 


Jolene Crites said...

Fun! I would love to know what makes Ashley's tacos so yummy!

Laura said...

I've GOT it!
Your blog's one-word description...

Whew. Glad I got THAT settled.