July 27, 2015

A Sunday Afternoon

Justin has been working for my brother-in-law in Syracuse this past month, coming home on the weekends. He stays with Clover and Evan, so last week, we all went down, for joy and delight. I packed very carefully and forgot my camera. I felt a bit out of joint all week, not taking pictures. I borrowed Clovers a little bit, but for the most part, I have no pictures. Despite photographic proof, we did have fun. Mom likes to point out that life happens even if I don't take a picture of it. But I like taking pictures. Of pretty much everything. 

Until I get the CD with pictures out of my purse and on the computer, here are some pictures of yesterday afternoon. 

Orianna wanted to hold Abilene and then wanted a picture with her. Gilbert was quick to jump in. He is a big fan of Abilene and a big fan of getting his picture taken. 

I ridiculously had my camera on no flash, which was flagrantly wrong for the lighting here. But Abilene is cute, even if she is slightly blurry. 

I think Orianna was scootching down so she could get a picture of just her and Abilene, but Gilbert obligingly scootched down too. 

All this cousinly attention is exhausting.

Messy haired me and sweet cheeked Abilene

Some cloud pictures

Twisty maple limbs

Maple leaves, blue sky, and fluffy clouds. 

Life is good in the summertime.

Gilbert enthusiastically playing baseball with Daddy

Keeping his eye on the ball

Little peach girl 

Justin hitting a ball and playing catch at the same time. He is talented.

Penny (and Dad)

Happy girl

Writing birthday letters to Papa Mick, whose birthday is today. 

Pleased with their joint efforts


Geri Douglas said...

I agree, life without pictures is a bit frustrating. I wouldn't know how to function without a camera. I won a GoPro at Oshkosh and I can't wait to have Philip open it and show me how to use it! I get to see him and Connie and Chris Wednesday, we hardly ever get home! Tell your mom Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope you take lots of pictures!

Bethaney said...

Have fun being home! And learning about your new GoPro! :-)

Cecil and Amy said...

Great pictures as usual. Good grief- the first few pictures of Orianna make her look a couple of years older than when I saw her earlier this month!

Bethaney said...

Every once in awhile, with the right angle, she looks very grown up. It is happening more frequently lately. Wah!