April 10, 2015

First Warm Day of Spring Break

Spring Break was last week, filled with cousins, sugaring, and a bit of warmth! This particular day, it hit 60, which was delightful and enthusiastically celebrated by outside time, bare feet, mud puddles, and exuberance.

This cat was pretty calm about the whole thing though

This chicken is already poaching the flower bed. Awful thing. 

Playing with the last remaining snowbank

Elliott exuberating

Cheyenne concocting

Lincoln mudding

Checking sap levels

Sap was running like crazy

The perils of warm spring days--muddy backs

Rilla being a nice big cousin and pushing Elsie

Elsie concentrating on not falling off


Even though it is terribly brown, it was delightful

Lincoln and Gilbert bonding over some mud

Dying eggs

There were a lot of helping hands in there!

I love dying eggs. It is so springy.

Looking at something on the Jeep

Rilla and Lily

Mud patties

A picnic of water 

Barefeet and neatly abandoned shoes and boots

Lily peering in to see what the temperature is on the thermometer by Dad's chair. They were hopping it would get over 60, so there was a lot of checking. It only got to 60.

Rilla stirring

Taking Elsie and Gilbert on a jeep ride in Owen's Jeep. 

Spring fields

A jeepful

Hoyt and Coyote

The completion of  a successful jeep ride through the fields


Owen pushing Justin, who then swung back and narrowly missed knocking a few kids into next week.

A flock of birds back

Orianna and Daddy

Then we did an Easter egg hunt. 

A branch got torn off this winter, so Justin had to put one in the tear. It was leaking sap too, since it hasn't healed over yet. 

The kids were very into turquoise this year.

I have no idea why they are variegated, but I love it! 

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Jolene Crites said...

This just looks like the best kind of fun!! I'm so glad your kids get this very special privilege! They may not see it as such, but those of us who don't have this, see it as so!