April 27, 2015

An evening at Grandma and Grandpa's

Sunday afternoon we walked up to Grandma and Grandpa's for a BBQ supper. It was a very grey day.

(I am currently in love with my zoom lens, so there are a lot of closeups.) 

Walking sisters

Red tree flowers


I love fat little legs

She was terribly proud of her pinecones


Owen's motorcycle, for sale. I just liked the red against the cloudy sky

The farm. Isn't it disgraceful that it isn't green yet? 

Pussy Willows

Running girl

Pussy willows, getting green. 

Yellow catkins

Not sure. But it makes me laugh.

Gilbert is into writing his name in the dirt. Generally he just makes i's and t's. 

Orianna being a good little mother

Yet more pussy willows

A duck in the creek

I just liked the red winged black birds in the corner

Tori lugging a hundred pound bag around. She is just that tough.

Tori and the cows

Orianna all set for biking. It was only 50 degrees, so I am not sure why her jacket is off. 

Elsie discovered that if you yelled down into the milk can, it echoed. 

So she took Hoyt's pacifier out so he could yell without hindrance.

I love Elsie's look here. Clearly thinking I was in error when I made her give Hoyt's pacifier back. 


Tori, walking home

Through the muck

That is a lot of muck. Did I mention I like my zoom lens?

Grandma walking Hoyt around. 

Excited by cows


Ashley, Baby-Vaughan-about-to-be-born, and Hoyt

Tori washing up

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