April 20, 2015

First Spring Sunday Walk in the Woods

Yes, it is that time again! I will now put up pictures of exactly the same things as I did last year, with slightly bigger children included in the pictures! But after winter, it is always fresh and new, even if I have seen in for, lo these 32 springs. Which I haven't. Because I wasn't looking around much, that first spring, when I was three months old. And then, I had five springs in Delaware, five springs in Alaska, and one spring in Colorado. So... that would only be 21 springs in Northern New York. 

So here we are, in spring again. And I am in love with it all over again. The buds! The leeks! The sunshine! The first teensy flowers! The calves! The kids' excitement!  

It never gets old. 

I hope I always fall in love with spring. 

Elsie being excited in Penny's general direction

Our small band of intrepid explorers

A rooster-doodle-doo

Tree flowers!

New nettle growth

Gilbert feet

Calving season is in full swing

Aren't they marvelous?

This momma did not trust the dogs

This momma was cool with dogs. 

Matched sets

New fern

Leeks! Actually, they are called ramps most places. But still! Yay!

I don't know what this is. I see it every spring. It is a darkish, purplish color, and those little buds there open to little flowers of exactly the same hue. Some spring I will figure out what it is. 

Dutchmen's breeches buds

Carolina Spring Beauty. These are the first flowers to come out most years. Hepatica comes about the same time, but these flowers are more common, so I notice them more. 

Some more of that unknown plant. Aren't they rather sinister looking?

Walking through the woods


Trillium, getting ready to unfurl

Trout Lily leaf. For several years, I thought that late frost had damaged the leaves. But no. They are speckled. 

An almost heart shaped rock with moss, stick, leeks, and trees. 

Leeks were all over. But the bulb wasn't big enough to be worth picking yet. 

Another spring beauty

Paper birch


Hepatica have reddish/purplish leaves

More paper birch

Following Daddy

Lily and Aunt Tori

Elsie walking

Evan being a nut

Boys and their Daddies

These two are pretty good pals

The old sheep fold

The creek, down to regular size again, after swelling a bit from snowmelt

Having a rest

Elliott running up the hill

Heading home

From the elm tree

Elm tree blossoms

Our view of teensy mountains

And home again! 
Clover reading Burglar Bill
These are the three littles who aren't allowed to go into the haymow without an adult. The older kids discovered the haymow is empty and now pretty much stay up there all day. Justin is a wonderful father and took these little ones up to the haymow for an hour or two each day, and helped the kids set up a tire swing up there and sweep the hay away so it is all fresh and clean. 

Tori knowing I am taking her picture

And so I took another one a few minutes later. 


Geri Douglas said...

I love Spring and am always newly amazed at all the new growth. Even after almost 59 years I want to know all the names and uses for each green plant and flower. Your Carolina Spring Beauty reminds me of the Claytonia Virginica Spring Beauty. They say the entire flower can be eaten including roots. I guess if I were starving in the wild I may want to know this. I enjoy reading your blogs, keep them coming!!

Jeannie said...

I feel the same about posting spring pictures - same photos, new year ... BUT ... it is finally SPRING! So, never fear, we love seeing them all over again!(: