November 15, 2013

Things to love

1. Elsie is in the baby stage, where she loves everything baby. Throughout the past few days, she will drag around a big blanket and a doll and bring it to me to wrap up. Then she claps her hands excitedly saying "Ba-bee!" before cuddling it carefully and toddling off. My heart melts every time.

2. A beautiful sunshine day! For some reason, though little (alright, fine! Nothing!) was accomplished, it has been a really good day, thus far. Cuddling, books, sunshine....

3. Squash tacos. I had these for lunch. With lots of leftovers for tomorrow. I have these ridiculously frequently. I have been meaning to put up the recipe. Watch for it next week.

4. We are heading off to town. A trip to the library, Wal-mart, and depending on the kids moods, Rite-Aid for some free chocolate. I know! I haven't done coupons in ages. But I have a thing for super dark chocolate, 85% by Lindt. And they had a $2.00 off one bar coupon. And Rite-Aid has them on sale 2/$4. Bam. Free chocolate. A guaranteed mood booster!

5. This video. I really don't know why I like it so. But I do. If Volvo is to believed, this video was done in one take. On a rented airport strip. In Spain. In reverse. At sunrise. To a backdrop of Enya. It may be my mood, but I find this ad perfectly swell. It makes me laugh, just thinking about it. I mean, who comes up with this sort of thing? And who does this sort of thing? Jean Claude Van Damme apparently.

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love babies that love babies. And squash tacos. Why haven't you made them for me lately??