July 1, 2013


After Idaho, we headed over to southeastern Washington to see Geoff and Jocelyn, Justin's sister and husband. They have a sweet little Aislyn, who is just about 2 and a half and we had never met. We only stayed at their place for one night, since we were going to be seeing them for a week and a half in Colorado the following week. But it was a fun night.

Cool bridges outside Spokane

Green, green, green

We followed this guy a long while

But the scenery was good!

Washington has cool stone bridges.

How cool is this? Actually, it seems like the default background of some version of Windows. 

But I really like it.

This is all wheat farming country. The Poulouse I believe it is called. Fields as far as you can see.

If you saw any trees, it meant a farm or a creek. 

Green and blue

Road goes on forever...

And then we got to Geoff and Jocelyn's. They weren't home, and we weren't sure we had the right place. Until we saw Abby rocketing around her kennel. Jocelyn told Justin he might as well mow the lawn while we waited the few minutes until she was home, so Justin opened a shed door to see if he could find the lawnmower, just to bug her. And Abby came shooting out of the shed door. Within half a second, she was out of sight. AAAHHHH!!! We just lost your sister's dog and we haven't even been here five minutes!!! But then, in two minutes, she came hurdling back into sight and from then on, was in and out of sight every third second. The kids adored her and her boundless energy.

White Lilacs
Once we found Abby again, I wandered around their lawn taking pictures. They have an awesome little place, fruit trees, rose bushes, lilacs, flowers, great view, several out buildings. One of which is all decked out with ping pong table, arcade basketball, darts, and the like. Suh-weet! 

Purple lilacs and pine tree


View from their back


Orianna loved being a little mommy to Aislyn. 

This was when Abby treed something and we couldn't see her for a bit. Jocelyn and Justin tried to find her, so I left their capable selves to it and kept taking pictures. 

Seriously pretty.

These two were good pals right off.

Isn't she darling? I have cute nieces and nephews.

Gilbert in grass.

Aislyn showing Gilbert around.

Checking out Justin's progress down below

Gilbert watching things. 

Then he decided he might as well sit down and watch Aislyn.

The first and last of our family

Apple tree leaf shadow on a weather beaten little barn... happy sigh!

Justin bravely found Abby, who was too busy treeing things to answer when Jocelyn called. 

Another happy sigh. 


Jammy girl

Justin with Jocelyn's mandolin.


After supper

Doing hair in the morning, while the kids play-doughed.

Rockin', rockin'.

Reading books

I love Jocelyn's cabinets

Bachelor's buttons

Heading down to Oregon, more wheat fields....

And then sagebrush! 


LJ said...

I love all your pictures!

Sheena said...

You took some really good pictures!

Virginia said...

Gilbert in the grass is adorable and frame-worthy. But so are most of these. Just cover your walls in framed road trip pics.