July 10, 2013

A Day in Colorado

Not to overwhelm you with pictures, but these pictures all did occur on the same day. It was a good day. 

And a lot of these pictures are courtesy of Geoff and Jocelyn. But I am not going to go through and label each one. But know they took a lot of the nice ones. 

Columbine by the back step. A good way to start the day.

Picnic breakfast under the tree. This looks idyllic, but actually the kids were hooting and hollering around in the house and I didn't want to wake everyone, so after telling them 10 times to be quiet, I gave up and decided to picnic. 

The kids loved the rose bushes. They had a secret hiding spot back behind the rose bushes. 

Orianna put up signs for their secret spot. One said "No smoking" one said "No kissing." At least we got the important things clear. 

Shucking corn

Poppa showing Aislyn how to do it

Proud Lily

Sunshine-y Orianna

Loy helping Gilbert

Love this picture. 

Elsie being goofy

And Aislyn had to do it too


Loyzer girl and her puppies


Larissa and Orianna

Brylan and Gilbert

Rissy helping Gilbert. 

We had a birthday day, with birthday presents for everyone from Poppa and Dawna and Jerad and Mandy

Orianna got a new cowgirl hat. So terribly pleased.

Elsie laughing at Fido

Brylan telling something or asking something. He even involves his foot. What a kid!

Aunt Jocelyn imparting knowledge

Elsie June-a

Orianna took some pictures. This one is sort of cool. 

And this one is very nice

A roping dummy 

Gilbert was tuckered out

Moving cows to the corral

Love this picture of Mick and Justin

Then we all walked up to the corrals to watch them brand and innoculate the two late calves

Sweet girl

Roping the calf

Got him!

He was hard to throw. It took Justin and Jerad to do it.

The watching crew

Little cowgirl



Justin holding the next calf

It looks dead, but it isn't. 



I know, I took a lot of pictures of Orianna this day. She was cute in her new hat!

Those Cotten boys

Elsie feet


That's my cowboy

Grinning Lily

Love this picture

Jocelyn and Geoff

Justin having a cowboy moment

Mandy and Jerad waiting

Geoff and Aislyn

Mick yakking on the phone

On the way down from the corrals

Cowgirl shadow

Fence and grass

Grandma Dawna letting Brylan drive

Larissa and Orianna pushed Elsie home

Roses on the table

Bringing the horses home

Love this

Letting the horses eat, unsaddled

A watusi cattle. And no, I don't know how to spell it. 

They have huge horns. Their necks must be all muscle.

The horn base is gigantic.

Then Poppa took the kids for horse rides.


Jerad and Aislyn

Poppa admiring his grand-daughter. 



Aislyn's foot. Isn't this an awesome picture? I know Jocelyn took this one. 

Comparing hats

Jerad and Elsie. 

A very tired little cowboy was roused out of bed to come see the horse riding. 

Isn't he cute?

Love this!

Then Jerad took Mandy on a ride and had her wave at us all too. 

Mandy's Fido

Kids in sunlight. Cooking up a play for us

It was a variation of Hansel and Gretel. 

Gilbert and Aislyn had no scripted part. They were the comic relief

Mandy danced with Fido during intermission. 

Birthday cake for Orianna and Elsie

Elsie all caked out.


Cecil and Amy said...

There are some AWESOME pictures in this post. The land is beautiful. It's also neat to see Justin in his "other" life.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What an idyllic day! It combines all that's awesome about ranching/Colorado/grandparents/cousins into one post. Definitely some frame-able pictures in there.