July 9, 2013

Beginning of Colorado Pictures

I have a lot of pictures of Colorado. A bit out of the blue, I know. This is a conglomeration of pictures from my camera, pictures from Geoff and Jocelyn's camera, and, I think, a few from Dawna's. But they are all lovely pictures of lovely things. So I promise you won't be bored looking through all bajillion of them.

Continuing our road trip story, when Lily got sick and we had to change a lot of plans, we decided to drive through to get to Colorado that night. Then, we decided we were exhausted, driving through the night would be silly. We will stop in Salt Lake and get a hotel. So we called Mick and Dawna and told them we would get there the following day around lunch time. Then we continued driving towards Salt Lake. As I drove, I thought about unloading kids and stuff at a hotel and sorting them out in beds, brushing teeth, settling them into a new place, and sleeping fitfully in a new and different bed and it all seemed a bit much. Even harder than driving all night. Just west of Salt Lake City, we stopped at McDonalds for supper and I asked Justin how he felt. He thought he could dive through the night to Hotchkiss, so we gave up on the hotel idea. But we hated to call and bother Mick and Dawna again, just in case we got too tired and had to stop along the way and sleep. We didn't stop. We got to the ranch around 3 AM after twenty hours of driving. Only 14 more than we planned on as we left Oregon that morning. Then it was into the house, trying not to wake everyone, and failing miserably. Then it was bleary eyed hellos, hugs, sorting out beds, and finding jammies. 

Dropping in, slighlty unannounced at 3 AM and we got hugs. I have pretty great in-laws. 

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I found these waiting for me. Orianna  and Poppa had gone irrigating and picked flowers for me. A few cactus blooms even, and those aren't easy to get! Made my morning!

Justin, Lily, and Poppa

Gilbert on a horse for the first time in 3 years.

Pleased with himself


Morning at the ranch

Scenic Mesa Road

Fence line

Colorado grass

View of the valley from the ranch

Sunrise. Yeah, I am always up at sunrise. 

Morning cows

Sun coming up the mountains


Sun up

For real. 

Going to see the new baby horse. 

Poppa leading them in

Cowboy, the latest Cotten horse

Checking her out

Jocelyn and Aislyn

I like this kid

Mick admiring Cowboy

Loy, Taffy, and Mick

I don't know why I like this picture, but I do.

Evening cows

Lily on the fence

Orianna took the camera and took a few pictures

A hot and flustered Elsie

Aislyn and Geoff from Orianna's view


Daddy kisses

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