February 22, 2013

Oh sing it from the rooftops!

1. My stint as a single mother is coming to an end. Justin is coming home today AND HE IS NOT LEAVING ON MONDAY. Oh joy. Oh happiness. I have survived all 10 weeks of him being gone. 

2. Fiona is coming for the weekend and Owen and Ashley are coming home.

3. I get to see Nina and Mary tonight.

4. My forced daffodils are blooming. And daffodils are my favorite flower. Well at least until the tulips bloom. And the grape hyacinths. And then the peonies, the irises, bleeding hearts, roses.... okay, I just like flowers. And daffodils are one of the first indicators of flowers to come. 

5. We have had a week full of cousins, Ticket to Ride (a board game that I am a teensy-weensy bit addicted to) and sisterly/cousinly time. 


Sunshiney Elsie

Girls on the table, eating popcorn that Lily got for a Valentines Day treat from someone at school. 

Elsie-two-ponytails Cotten

When the ponytails come out

What I woke up to the other morning--two girls with a box of comic books cuddled up by the heat duct.

My smiling morning girl

Cousin breakfast at Mom and Dads


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

A "teensy" bit addicted? Yeah, and the ocean is a "teensy" bit wet.

laura said...

That sunshine is just right on Elsie... (:

I'm going to have to check out this game...

Rebekah said...

Oh my! I would be singing from the housetop too! Have a grand time this weekend! Having a fun outing tonight ourselves with some friends!

Jami Starling said...

LOVE Ticket to Ride...even have the app on my iPhone for the bus ride to work every morning.

Virginia said...

That visit to the Earl girls completely trumped every other visit to or from anyone, ever. Right?? And that one pic of Elsie, she's looking simply angelic.