February 14, 2013

Hey Girl. I love that you copied and pasted a lot of pictures into this blog post.

My cousin's wife just posted a link to this blog on facebook.


And it contained a hilarious amount of Hey Girl meme's that are worth seeing.

In case you have never seen a Hey Girl meme.... I am not sure where this started, but people take Ryan Gosling pictures and then write Hey Girl things on them. A cute guy totally getting you. It is funny. Ryan Gosling is sprinkled throughout here, but the idea was to use a picture of your own husband with something you would love him to say. There were tons of funny ones. Ones I wanted Justin to see. So I started copying pasting them into my blog for him. Then decided I wanted to show several of them to different people and.... now I have filled a blog post with them. They don't all apply to me (I have never before lamped a mason jar) but the general, long suffering of Justin for my kooky ideas is the same. And no, I did not do one for Justin. That requires too much brain power. And some of these already say what I would write. But we could all do with cute pictures of Justin... hahaha. I will spare you. But he is a pretty great Valentine to have.

And really, these are all sweet. Women loving their men for putting up with them.

(And I don't have all the links to credit each one. Bad! But if you go to the website I posted up top, you can find them all from there. )


    upcycling ideas - heart mini muffin tin ice cubes  5ff03efc-ffad-4a7e-903d-6f543f3b9675_zpsef6295d0

 Thrift Store Date Hey Girl
Needless to say, this one is a favorite of mine.

 DIY Haircut Coupons Hey Girl Dinner Hey Girl

Matter of fact, this girl had a lot of funny ones. I think we might be on the same wavelength.

hey girl 2hey girl 3 heygirl4heygirl5 heygirl1 hey girl      
Hey Girl: At Home on the Bay
Hey GirlHey Girl 2 
Mr. Magpie Says Hey Girl via Cottage Magpie Hey girl, why would you shave your legs? Summer is months away.

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Connie said...

LOL. We have to be creative and start posting our own Hey Girl saying on pictures. I can think of some cute Ryker photo's that would look pretty great with some clever Hey Girl captions!