October 19, 2012

Things that are making me happy

1. The kids have today off. The house is a complete disaster. And they have all the chairs out in the living room so they can have meeting. I love these kids.

2. We had Connie for lunch, our very special friend. It is wonderful to visit with her and she seems to leave a sort of happy contentment where ever she goes, which makes this afternoon seem even sweeter.

3. There is a library book sale tomorrow. I know, I know. I was just going on about frugality. But paperbacks are 25 cents and hardcovers are 50 cents. I think that will fit in the miscellaneous part of our budget quite nicely. I love library book sales. I fully intend to get there early to stand in line before the doors open. Better than Black Friday. Everyone is polite and courteous. And book lovers don't stampede librarians.

4. Justin didn't have to be anywhere in particular this morning (he is meeting someone this afternoon to discuss the next job) so I asked him last night if he could watch the kids this morning so I could sleep in. And he did! At 9 I strolled out here with Elsie girl and the kids were breakfasted and running around like happy, no school today kids.

5. We had supper last night with all my local family, interrupted only twice to chase cows. Some things never change. Cows get out in the fall. Even dairy cows, it seems to me, were more prone to getting out of the fences in the fall. Continuance is great. Especially when I get to stay home with Elsie while everyone else has to run around.


Cecil and Amy said...

Thank you for loving my Momma!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

In shame, I have to admit that I FORGOT that a local library was having a book sale yesterday. Probably better for my bulging bookshelves, but I was still sad. And I love the sound of that day-- sleeping in, Connie-company, happy, busy kids... all good.

Verity Earl said...

I miss Connie too. Please tell her hello from me next time! I remember chasing cows at your house AND our house, and being grateful we never had as many cows as you had. The pigs were the worst though; they run super fast.